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The Triple Vitality program is designed for healthy, active seniors who wish to remain so.  Triple Vitality promotes healthy active living by providing physical exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction. These three elements of health are important for all people at all ages.  For more information about the Triple Vitality program, please click this button:  

Home Care clients of Warm Embrace benefit from a modified version of the Triple Vitality program.  Naturally, home care clients are benefiting from social interaction with their caregiver.  The other two elements of Triple Vitality—exercise and mental stimulation—are also included in regular home shifts.  A home care client may not be able to handle a complete hour of physical exercise (as is the goal with a Triple Vitality client), so a modified exercise routine is introduced.  Likewise, an entire hour of mental stimulation may be too exhausting, so a shorter timeframe and a more accessible activity is introduced.

The physical exercise component of Triple Vitality follows the Home Support Exercise Program that is based on clinical research by the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging at Western University.  The exercises are gentle and can be modified to suit an individual’s ability level.  Each exercise in the program is designed for functionality; it directly relates to a specific element of daily living that is essential for independent living.  Before beginning the exercise component, clients are required to have their family physician sign a form acknowledging that the exercises are recommended.

The mental stimulation component of Triple Vitality includes a variety of activities from our Warm Embrace library.  The library in our office contains hundreds of items including books, games, cards, music, crafts, activities, etc.  Caregivers borrow these activities from the library and introduce clients to new activities as well as enjoying good old favourites.  The process of learning a new game, trying a new craft, reading an interesting book and discussing it together all provide cognitive stimulation that is beyond what a client can do independently.

The focus of care is always on the client first.  Triple Vitality is about ensuring the health, mobility, and independence of seniors.  While we certainly take care of any household activities that need to be done, our primary concern is the personal care and health of our senior clients.

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