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Heartfelt Moments



Here at Warm Embrace Elder Care, we have the privilege of serving the most incredible clients!  We have clients ranging in age from 36 to 106 years old, with varying abilities, backgrounds and knowledge.  We learn from our clients daily, and they touch our hearts in countless ways.

Why not share the joy?

If touching moments with our clients bring a smile to our faces, we realized these stories might also brighten your day.

Below is a selection of recent stories from our caregivers who are serving local clients.  We update this section regularly, so be sure to check in again soon for the most recent smile of the day.



She is just such a sweetheart and so very appreciative of what we do for her.  She has said to me a number of times "Lisa, I don't know what I would do without you."  I am so happy to be a part of her care team and her life. ~Lisa 

Mrs. T did not want our visit to end and when it was time for me to leave she mustered up all her strength and gave me the biggest hug ever telling me not to forget her. I promised I would not forget her and would visit again as soon as I could. ~Ruth

We joined in for the WII bowling activity. Mrs. J was unable to work the remote, but she did get a good laugh at me, especially when we changed it to baseball and I struck out!  She said, "You are not very good!"  then laughed.  I just love her sense of humour.  ~Pat

The best part of the day was when Mrs. L's daughter called and she commented to her daughter that she was sitting chatting with her Warm Embrace Angel! ~Brenda 

Mr. W also told me that he really gets a kick out of seeing all the "Embracers" spending time with the seniors around Clair Hills; keeping them company, supporting them, and being great friends to them.  I told them that we really enjoy it and are all very honoured to spend time with him as well! ~Joline

At the end of the shift Mrs. J said, "I suppose you're going to leave me by myself after such good company." I told her she was pulling my heart strings and said I would see her next time. She made me promise before I went on my way. ~Clair

She had mentioned how cold her hands were. I held them in mine, which are always warm. I told her that cold hands mean a warm heart. She turned to me and gave me a big hug and said "thanks for that." ~Yvonne

At the end of the day Mrs. L said "What time is it?"  I told her it was 5:15 to which she replied "I don't want it to be that time!" When I asked her why she replied, "because I don't want you to go home!"  ~Pat

On Saturday night when we were lying in the dark Mrs. K said, "Sarah are you asleep?" I said no not I'm not, then she said, "me neither, I just wanted to tell you I appreciate all you do for me."  ~Sarah

We had a great visit. It was like I was visiting one of my best friends. Mrs P thanked me and gave me a hug when it was time for me to go and I told her I would be back which made her very happy. ~Rebecca

Mrs. J mentioned how glad she was when she called out at night and heard my voice. She said "I knew that it was Lisa, I know that voice".  What a wonderful feeling to know that I can give comfort to Mrs.J just by her hearing my voice!  That is part of what makes this job so rewarding! ~Lisa

Mrs.H is really sweet and I could feel her need for love. She loves hugs and to listen. I was happy giving her love and company. ~Sara 

I commented on the beautiful bouquet of carnations that Mrs. G received from her hairdresser this week. She said, that over the years they've become friends. She said: “Just like you and I have become very close and you are my friend. I appreciate that I can talk to you about anything.“ ~Irma 

He was in great spirits, laughing and smiling and making funny comments. I love his sense of humour. A wonderful visit. ~Shirley

Mrs. F said she enjoyed our conversations because we seem to 'click' together. I gave her another big hug!. She wouldn't let me leave the table to clean up because we were having such a good time together!  ~Clair

He really made my day when he said, “I really like you. There’s just something about you that makes me wish you could come every day.” ~Eva

When it was time to go I heard Mrs. S say to her daughter, "I don't want Elizabeth to leave, I had so much fun today, I don't want it to be over!" I got a hug and a kiss when I was leaving.  ~Elizabeth  

 After dinner I took Mrs. T to the entertainment room, and I started singing ‘Amazing Grace’ to her. She started singing along and it was incredible to see her mood instantly change! After we sang Amazing Grace 4 or 5 times, we turned around and a couple of the PSW’s and residents were listening at the door! We laughed and Mrs. T said we make a really good team! ~Aileen

Mrs. H said she loves how summery it looks now.  She put on a colorful outfit and said she is 'now ready for anything!' ~ Sue  


Today as we were walking down the hallway, we passed a resident who often has a very serious look on his face. Mrs. Y made a joke about hopping on his wheelchair and going down the hallway for a ride. After hearing this, the resident's face split into a huge smile and he started laughing! His laughter from Margaret's joke made us, and everyone around us, start to laugh. It was a pretty special moment! ~ Katie 

When I got too warm, I took off my hat and asked Mrs. K, "Does my hair look ok?" to which she replied, "No, it looks awful!"  I chuckled and another resident said, "At least she told the truth!"  Needless to say, I put my hat back on!  ~Pat

When I was washing her face, she looked at me and said "You are so beautiful, and warm." ~ Sarah

When I told her I would see her next week but could not remember if it is once or twice, she said, “Oh, I hope it’s twice.” ~Phyllis

As Mrs. J and I were chatting and going through paper work, she became pensive. I mentioned that she looked deep in thought. She said, "Yes, I was just thinking that I will not see you for another week." I told her you never know I could show up and surprise you, and she said, "You would be a nice surprise!" ~Ruth

As I put lotion on her legs and feet she smiled and said, “You like your job, don’t you.” I smiled back and said yes and she said, “I can tell.” That was such a beautiful compliment! ~ Eva

Today after her shower I asked if she had cream for her face. She said she did and after she applied it she asked if the wrinkles had disappeared. I said, "They sure did just like magic!" We both had a good laugh. ~Elizabeth

He occasionally woke and smiled at me and thanked me for being there with him.  I prayed with him while we had some very quiet time together.  ~Joline

She continues to be her sweet helpful giving self. Anyone in her presence is a better person in learning from one of the best givers and doers. ~Ruth

My heart goes out to Mrs. L, she is such a lovely caring person. When I left, she said with tears in her eyes, "You are so good with Mr. L and you understand me, you are a life saver."  ~ Irma

Mrs. T is very grateful for what Warm Embrace is doing for her. Our help and companionship is much appreciated and I am very glad to take part in making her life easier and enjoyable. ~Veronika

She said, "You have to promise to come back! I like to see your face at the door in the morning, it means it will be a good day". I thanked her for sweet words. ~Clair 

Mrs. G always greets me with a cheerful hello. We exchange pleasantries and then go over the duty list.  I have never met someone so well organized.  I aspire to be like her. ~Mary 

She hugged me and then turned to Mr. K and said, “Look who's here. My friend Eva. She always shows up when I’m feeling down and I turn right around.” I hugged her and said, “You two really make my day!” ~Eva

Mr. U took my hand and said, "You are a fresh ray of light," and squeezed my hand. I love my job. It is so rewarding to know how much I make a difference in people’s lives. ~Nancy 

Mrs. T did ask, "You will still come to see me though, won't you? I would miss your company a lot and who else am I going to shout at Judge Judy with?". She gave me a huge cuddle and we sat cuddling on the sofa for about 5 mins. She finally let go and said "Go and get coffee and cake then!" ~Clair 

She struggles with remembering my name so tends to pick a gem; Pearl or Opal. I told her I would answer to any precious stone and she said because you are precious. See she is just so sweet. I told her that if I am Pearl she must be a Diamond.

After dinner we caught an episode of America's funniest videos and had such a laugh we ended up needing to run to the ladies room.  ~Elizabeth

I helped her into bed, and she thanked me for my help. Then she said, "Sorry if I was acting like a cranky old woman!" and smiled. I said she had nothing to apologize for! ~Michele

I walked her to the dining room and she told me there was an empty seat at her table so I could stay for supper. I told her I had to go home but Thank you for asking. Mrs. T said, "I like to do nice things to people who have been nice to me." What a sweet lady, I gave her a hug and said I enjoyed spending the afternoon with her. ~Sandy 

There were quite a few other Warm Embrace Caregivers visiting with other residents at the same time and we all seemed to meet and cross paths in the main lobby café.  Mr and Mrs. J laughed and referred to us as a "group of Ninja Turtles" because we were all dressed the same.  ~Joline

On Friday she ate homemade custard I brought her and enjoyed it. She also made a point to say, “I love you” when it was time for me to leave. The feeling is mutual! ~ Phyllis

Mrs. Y talked for a long time about her doctor's appointment the previous Tuesday. She said the doctor had asked her to count back from 100 by 7's. We were both laughing like crazy when we discovered that neither of us could do it! Mrs. Y said the next time, she'll get the doctor to do it first! ~ Clair

When Mr. G got back, I helped him put on a new toilet seat.  He said I would have made a great apprentice! We laughed about that. It was a wonderful afternoon :) ~Lisa 

When the song "Can I have this Dance" came on, I took Mrs. W by the hands and we danced. It was awesome seeing the other couple get up and dance with us. We all danced like no one was watching! These moments are what makes this job so rewarding. Mrs. W had a big smile on her face and was singing along to the best of her ability.The other couple thanked me for the music saying they had not danced in ages and they just love to dance!   ~Pat Mc

We stopped at Dairy Queen and Mrs. K said, “Oh yeah. You can’t eat ice cream because you’re lactose something.”  When we went to the till she said, “I’ll have a small ice cream cone and my friend Eva here will have a glass of water!” Her facial expressions crack me up! ~Eva

He will look at me and say in his sweet voice, "I appreciate everything you do for me." I in turn say to him "I appreciate that you appreciate everything that I do for you!" He gets this special twinkle in his eyes, looks right at me and gives me a slight grin. How can you not love him? He makes doing my job a pure joy. I am blessed because I get to be in his presence and offer him care. ~Ruth

She asked me, "What are you up to?". I told her, "I 'm here, because I need a hug from you!". She got up from the couch and gave me a big squeeze. ~Irma

The rec coordinator was disappointed that Mr. H didn't want to stay around for the art class. Mr. H said that he would much rather go shopping at the market with us girls. ~ Joline

Mrs. G was very happy to see me again this morning. She said, "What trouble shall we get into today then?". We disscussed going out dancing, skiing or a quick trip to Florida but decided the weather was too bad so we had a cup of coffee instead. ~Clair

I asked Mr. O if he would like me to bring anything back for him while I was out. He took my hand and said, “No. Just you.” I told him he was a sweetheart!  ~Eva

When I said goodbye I told Mr. J I would see him in three days.  He said, "That long ?".  I laughed and said, "Well I don't want you to get tired of seeing me!" Mr. J said "That would never happen!" and pointed to his cheek so could give him a kiss.  ~Shirley 

Before I left at the end of my visit,  Mrs. U reminded me again that she will be thinking of me at my app't.  I told her, "I'm holding your hand during yours too."  What a wonderful lady, always thinking of others.  Great visit! ~Nancy 

Mr. J also bought some pastries while we were out for "when the wonderful Warm Embrace ladies came to visit she can give them something to eat with their coffee." ~Sandy

The nurse said he was agitated yesterday but they love when we come as we can "calm him down, and bring the best out in him."~Pat Mc

When I arrived Mrs. T was totally engrossed in colouring. I tried talking to her but she wasn't responding to any of us. Jokingly I said, "Well I guess Mrs. T doesn't want to go out with me today." She stopped colouring, looked up at me and said, "Oh yes I do." We all started laughing including her. ~Lily

I said to her in German, "I'm going to rub your hands warm." She actually laughed! ~Irma

Mrs. D decided on having a London Fog and wanted to remember everything about where we went and what we drank so that she could tell her table mates at dinner. ~Ruth

The cashier asked if Mrs. Y was my mother. Mrs. Y looked at her and said, “Are you kidding? I’m old enough to be her grandmother.” Mrs. Y told her I was 20. Oh my goodness she is adorable!  ~Eva

Mrs. K decided to have her flu shot while we were at the store. I helped her fill out the form to have it done. She held my hand while she had it done. She held my hand to comfort me! I do not like needles so Mrs. K thanked ME for being brave! ~Clair

I said my good byes to Mrs. G and she said, "Oh you are leaving so soon?"  I told her, "I will see you soon, on Tuesday."  Mrs. G said, "Thats too far away!"  I told her, "I know, but it will come fast and we can see eachother again"  What a delight to have such a lovely lady in my life. ~Nancy

During her supper she offered me one of her sandwiches, I told her I had already eaten but I thanked her and told her it was so nice of her to offer to share her sandwiches. She replied by telling me it was so nice of me to come and stay with her.  ~Veronika

She told the Red Cross “But I’m still happy! I've been happy since these girls have been coming to see me!” It was a good morning. ~ Charlene

I do treasure the time on Tuesday when he had a short, blue moment and reached out to hold my hand and say, “I’m so glad you’re here.”   ~Phyllis 

Today Mrs. F shared some personal concerns with me and apologized afterwards. She said, “I'm so glad I can talk to you, you are such a lovely person and so easy to talk to.” I gave her a hug and said, “ I'm glad you feel this way, we all need someone who can listen without judement. I'm here to encourage and support you.”  We are both comfortable with each other and our bond is getting stronger each visit. ~Irma

We accomplished all of our “to do” list and as we sat near the end of our visit, Mrs. G told me how her life was before Warm Embrace. She said, "There were no highlights, only knowing when I would eat, sleep and walk. I would just do the same thing, same schedule every day. Then you came and I have something and someone to look forward to two days per week. I am so much happier and feel myself improving in many ways, even my memory, everything is better!" I told her that I was so glad and that she makes my life better as well. We hugged and agreed both of us are better for getting to know each other. ~Ruth

When I told her I was taking her out I said, "Let's hit this Popsicle stand!" . She chuckled, took my hand and kissed it. This was a first, and my heart just melted. I took her hand in mine, kissed it also and she was beaming . ~Lily 

At the bank the teller asked if I was Mrs. T's daughter, I told the teller, "I am her companion aid, but it would be an honour to have a mother like her!" Mrs. T gave a lovely smile and thanked me for the compliment. ~Nancy 

We went back up to her floor and there was a lady painting a picture on the wall. It was of an octopus and without warning, Mrs. M did her very brilliant impression of an octopus. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen and we were both crying with laughter for 5 minutes! I left her having her dinner while staring at the big orange octopus on the wall. ~Clair 

I snuck up behind Mrs. K at the breakfast table and covered her eyes saying, “Guess who?” She said, “Say that again.” I repeated myself and she turned head and laughed and said, “I knew it was you. I recognize that voice!” ~Eva

Mr. W was thankful for all the wonderful friends from Warm Embrace. He said they are like "Guardian Angels" who come and help and look after he and his wife! I told him that I was thankful that I had wonderful friends like he and Mrs. W and that I was lucky to be able to spend such good times with them! ~Sandy

Mrs. Y is extremely observant and notices every detail about everyone. It is fun to hear her commentary. Ladies that looked particularly lovely would be complimented.  I've come to think of Mrs. Y as the "goodwill ambassador" of Luther Village.  She goes the extra step to make people feel good about themselves. – Mary

We have so much fun and are able to chat about everything. It is so nice to have that comfort level with people who start as strangers but become so much more. I am truly blessed to visit with her twice weekly. ~Ruth

At 9:20 Mr. H awoke ready to get up and get dressed. He said to me,  "I had a nice dream, I was in England and you nice people were there helping me."  ~Nancy

Mr. P always comments on my “good driving” and today he said “You are perfect. Just perfect, and I feel so comfortable riding with you!” That was sweet of him to say. We had a great day! ~Charlene

Mrs. D has a smile that lights up a room.  As she says, "Someone told me I have a million dollar smile and that is something no one can take away from me"  I told her they are correct and she does have the million dollar smile. ~Pat

Mrs. J felt her wrist pulse and she thought it was a bit fast. I told her it was probably because she was excited to see me because I always get excited and my heart beats faster on Tuesday's when I see her! ~Sandy 

I got on with the meals while Mrs. R stood next to me chatting away. We seem to talk about everything and anything. I am convinced we could sort out the world's problems in just one shift! ~Clair

Mr. G opened the door for me and I stepped in. I walked over to where Mrs. G was sitting, gave her a hug, and the first thing she said to me was,  "I'm so glad it's you! I was hoping they would send you - you are a gem!" ~Irma

Mrs. Y was so happy that I was eating with them. Not only was the food great but so was our conversation. We shared many laughs. Mr and Mrs. Y are so easy to talk to, it feels so natural with them.Then we sat having tea and the conversation just kept flowing. The night passed too quickly as always. ~Lily

Mrs. P loves music and was delighted with the entertainment offered during the strawberry social. You can well imagine being of Irish decent how thrilled she was to hear the song "My Wild Irish Rose". When she finished singing I turned to her and said, "YOU" are my wild Irish rose. " She beamed! ~Ruth

Mrs. O is a remarkable woman, a cheerleader for others, and a fine example of modest humility. It is certainly a pleasure to spend time with her each week. – Phyllis

I said goodbye to Mrs. P and told her I would be back on Monday. She said "Do you have to leave?"  It’s moments like this that make us aware that we do makes such a difference! ~ Pat

We talked about how much the city has changed over the years, how much we enjoyed going to the theater on Saturdays and swimming at the Municipal Pool in the summer.  We share a lot of the same memories of how different things were years ago and laughed about things we did when we were young.  Another enjoyable visit. ~Shirley 

As I was getting ready to go out Mr. T said, “I can eat my pudding in my chair because my friend gave me permission.” He smiled at me and said, “That’s you.” I smiled at him and said, “That’s right!” I opened up his pudding for him and we shared a hug goodbye. He is a true gentleman and brightens my day! ~Eva


 Mrs. S took my hands as I said goodbye and I told her I would see her again soon. She said, "Oh you have to go, I will miss you."  I told Mrs. S that I would miss her too! She smiled. ~ Nancy

It was fun to sit out on the balcony on Friday, holding Mr. M's hand during the music time. When I first arrived he was feeling affectionate, and we shared a fond hug. “This is nice,” he said. While Mr. M does not exactly know who I am, he realizes on some level that I am his friend. ~Phyllis

I made tuna salad for lunch and of course Mrs. O invited me to lunch again. I told them I was moving in with them, Mrs. O said, "We do have a spare room, with two beds, take your pick.” We had a good laugh! ~Lily 

He is such an interesting man to talk with. I told him I always learn something new whenever I see him. He smiled and said, "You are never too old to learn and I guess never too old to teach either!"~ Shirley 

Later while she was preparing for bed she wondered how we had become friends. She said the knew I wasn't part of her past life but could not figure it out. I said, "I was sent" and explained that sometimes complete strangers come into our lives when we need someone.  ~Ruth

I had a very enjoyable afternoon with Mrs. T. When I gave her a 'warm embrace ' hug, I said to her, “It was a blessing to have met you and be with you today and I hope to see you again soon." I went to shake Mr. T's hand to say good bye, but he opened his arms and said, “I want a 'warm embrace ' too! ~Irma

We had an awesome afternoon and Mr. P said to me, “We need a person to complete our lives and you’re it! We’re getting to see all around the area and do things we never did before. We can’t say ‘thank you’ enough. We love you. Please come again.” Even Mrs. P gave me a hug today. They are such a sweet couple. ~Charlene


After taking them to buy Chelsea buns, Mr. W made me feel all warm and fuzzy when she said, “That’s why I love you. You are always a giver and never a taker.” I thanked her for those beautiful words and we shared a hug! ~Eva 

We joined the group for some karaoke and Mr. H & I sang "Can I have this Dance" by Ann Murray.  When we were done Mr. H said, "I heard myself through the speakers." Once again his eyes lit up and his smile was almost permanent!  How he enjoyed himself.  Nothing like music to add spark to the eyes of all!  Thanks Mr.H, you made my day! ~ Pat


He asked me if he could rest for a bit before we go for our walk. He said, "Since I've gotten older, my get up and go has got up and went!" I laughed and said I know what he means, I'm not even in my 80's and my "get up and go" is starting to leave too !!  ~ Sandy

Not even an hour had gone by and she said, "You are a wonderful person – I'm glad you are here and I don't even feel shaky anymore." I was happy to hear that and gave her a hug and said, "I'm happy to be here with you."  ~Irma

I truly have to say that Mrs. M inspires me in every way. Especially her sense of humour is priceless. We were playing dominoes and it was not going so well for me, it was my turn and she said, "Come on pick a tile if you can't play" I said. "FOR WHAT ! I'm just piling up on tiles here!"
With a huge smile she looked at me and said, "Yeah you got that question right ....FOR WHAT? So I can play and win this game!" We had to laugh so hard that we got tears in our eyes. Thank you Mrs. M for being the way you are!  ~Tanja


Mrs. P's dog was whining and Mrs. P said, " She knows you are leaving and doesn't like the idea." I got Mrs. P to sit at the table and she said with a laugh, "The dog isn't the only one who doesn't want you to leave."  ~ Shirley

Mrs. B and I chatted all afternoon and found time to also enjoy a coffee! She and I never seem to run out of things to talk about! ~ Cindy

Mr. and Mrs. B both thanked me for a wonderful night and said they were blessed to have me come. I thanked them and said I was blessed to have them in my life and that we make a good team. Mrs. B melted my heart when she interlocked her hands and replied, “Yes we do make a good team. We’re like a glove and a hand. We were meant to be together.” I told her she was right! What a beautiful lady she is, and so poetic! And people wonder why I love my job! ~Eva 

As I was combing Mrs. T's hair I could not help to comment on what a fine, special lady she is and how lucky I am to get to know her. She said that SHE was the lucky one! How sweet of her. ~Ruth

I told her that it was my son's birthday today and he was turning 17. She said "You don't look old enough to have a son that's 17!". I hugged her...Twice! ~Cindy

I enjoyed listening to their stories of old. It's great to see how eager they are to share their stories with me and I love it. They had their share of challenges with their parents and siblings as well as their own children. We didn't realize how quickly the time flew by - a sign of a wonderful conversation and good time. ~Irma


Mrs. R looked beautiful with her hair styled today, Mr. R kissed her and told her so. She smiled and said " I have a great hair dresser" looking at me. Mr. R said I wasn't a bad cook either and they might just keep me around. We all cracked up. These two are so funny. We have such a good time teasing with one another. ~ Lily

While in the car Mrs. J says, “We love you. You’re a good friend, and not just because you have a car.” Mrs. J laughs and replies, “But that’s part of it!” I told them everyone needs a friend with a car! They are too funny. ~Eva

What a wonderful visit today with Mrs. H! I always laugh from the moment I arrive until I have to go home. She is a wonderful funny lady and I always enjoy our visits together. ~Nancy

We went downstairs for lunch and Mrs. P ate really well today! I put quite a bit of food on her plate and she ate most of it! While I was getting her plate from the buffet, another resident said to me "You are so good with Mrs. P,  nobody else can get her to talk like you can!" ~ Cindy

She is truly hilarious, and my face usually hurts from laughing so hard. Mrs. L is the most easygoing woman I know. She is always open to new things, and happy all the time. I truly enjoy my visits with her. ~Lily

When I was about to leave she said, "We just met but when you walked into my door it felt like you were right at home and I've known you for years, this is how I feel with all of you ladies from Warm Embrace". ~Tanja


Mrs. T sent me off with a tea biscuit as she felt bad we did not have a cup of tea or a snack all morning.  ~Margaret

Mr. S always works hard, but he seemed to work just a little bit harder today! It is so rewarding to see how far he has some in the last several months with his co-ordination! He went from having a lot of difficulty to being able to catch the ball independently! ~Cindy

Mrs. G has a large capacity for love, and so is capable of realizing that just as she loves her dog and family with no strings attached, so too others can love her in the same way. On Friday she let me know how much she appreciates me and that she loves me. It was very easy to respond and let her know that I love her too. ~ Phyllis

Mrs. M knows a lot about plants and flowers and always gives me good tips. We had fun planning the garden. I think she, like everyone else, has spring fever.  ~Lily

I enjoyed my visit with Mrs. K, she is a delightful and wonderful lady. It was an honour meeting her and making a new friend.  ~Nancy



When we were out for coffee, Mrs. G told me, “When you come visit us, you light up our lives. You’re the spark!” Mr. and Mrs. G are such a sweet couple! ~Charlene


Mrs. W made my day when she told me she liked me and that we can say anything to each other. I gave her a hug and told her I liked her too! ~Eva



I checked on her before I left and Mr. T thanked me for all I had done for them, and said he was glad I was around because I seemed to know exactly what to do all the time. He really is a sweet man, they are a lovely couple. ~Lily


I told her I finally found my dress for my daughter’s wedding and we chatted about what colour shoes I should wear with the dress. I enjoyed getting fashion advice from Mrs. P, she was very helpful! ~Nancy

Mrs. W and I were watching T.V. and she looked over at me and said "Have I told you that I enjoy your company?" It made me feel really good. I said "Did I tell you that Tuesday's are my favourite days because I get to spend the afternoon with you?" She smiled at that! ~Sandy


She is truly hilarious, and my face usually hurts from laughing so hard at the end of our visit. Mrs. A is the most easygoing woman I know. She is always open to new things, and happy all the time. I truly enjoy my time with her. ~Lily


I cannot recall what got us on the topic of hugs, but Mrs. A said that she likes when we give her a hug at the end of our shift! I didn't realize that about Mrs. A and I told her that I would give her a hug anytime she wanted one! We hugged and I could sense how much she really appreciated it! ~Cindy

As we walked to the dining room I thanked Mrs. Y for letting me spend the afternoon with her and she thanked me for coming. She made me feel good when she smiled at me and asked me to come back and visit again. I said I would try and wished her a good week. We had a lovely afternoon! ~Eva


Afterwards, we went for another walk. Mrs. F asked me just before our walk, "Where are we going?" I replied "Crazy!" She laughed then said "neither of us has far to go!" She laughed so hard I thought she was going to have to sit down! ~Pat


Our evening went so fast, and it was filled with stories and laughter and Mr. R teasing me. I love visiting with Mr. and Mrs. R. They brighten my day with their joy and appreciation on life. I looked forward to spending another afternoon with them next week! ~ Nancy 



Mr. H was tired but did what he could during the exercise game. He played catch with the ball and made a few nice saves when he almost dropped it! I call him a Superstar and that really brings a big smile to his face! ~Cindy



Mrs. G.and I were laughing about something when she said "You know, I never used to laugh as much as I do now since you ladies started coming here." It is so nice to know we have brought laughter to her household.  ~Margaret


Mrs. T was happy to see me again today. I told her she was going to get sick of seeing me, and she replied, "Never, I just love when you come to visit". ~Lily



When I left she gave me a hug and thanked me for everything I did for her today. This is why I love my job. I get to spend time with this sweet lady! ~Sandy


I always do some cleaning for her, although she usually tells me that she can do it. I tell her that I love helping her out, and she's worked hard enough over the years, she smiles and says what a good friend I am. ~Lily


We also sang a few songs like "You are my Sunshine", "Hokey Pokey" "Are you Sleeping" There were even a few other residents that joined us again. We will never be a famous choir, but we all enjoyed ourselves! ~Pat


When I got ready to leave Mrs. J gave me a hug and kiss goodbye. She held my hands and said, “I had a wonderful day. I really enjoy your company.” ~Eva


When I said my good byes to Mrs. W I gave her a hug and she gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She said "I will miss you!" I told her I would miss her too, told her to stay well and said I'd visit soon. She replied "Oh please do!" I wish her all the best and I'm so glad she is doing so well. ~Nancy

Mrs. R and I had time to chat! I always enjoy hearing her stories! It was time for me to go, and she seemed disappointed that our visit had to end. She gave me a big smile and said,"time always goes so fast when you're here!". ~Cindy

When she went for her lunch she gave me a hug and a kiss and asked when I would come to visit again. I told her that I'd be back next week. She said "That is too long, you are a good friend !" ~Sandy


I told Mrs. H that I would head home and she could get ready for bed. She gave me a big hug, and a big kiss and then said "I really enjoyed your company, I love you!" I told her "I love you too! And we shall get together again soon". She stood outside her apartment door until I got to the end of the hall then she went back inside. ~Pat


When it was time for me to go , we couldn't believe the time had gone so fast again. It seems that no matter how much time we spend together, we never run out of things to chat about. I really look forward to my Thursday afternoons with Mrs. P! ~Sandy

 Before I left she gave me another hug and told me to drive safe. I love the way she always waves me off at the door and sometimes even blows me a kiss. Mrs. M is one of the many reasons why I love my job. ~Lily



Before we went to physio, Mrs. R applied face powder and lip gloss, and we re-styled her hair. It is good to see how independent she remains, and how determined she is to increase her strength and balance through the physio exercises and the additional hall walking she does each time she exits the elevator before returning to her room. What a lady!~ Nancy 


When I was leaving she thanked me and told me that I was a good driver and she feels quite safe with me, that she doesn't worry when I'm around because I seem to " have things under control" . She is so sweet. I'm glad that she feels this way, I always reassure her that we will look after her needs. ~Lily

Mrs. L was pleased to show me the valentine that she received today from Warm Embrace. She mentioned how much she enjoys various companion aides, including Margaret who mended the elastic support she wears around her waist, Melissa who is always smiling and cheerful, as well as a good conversation with Donna. When I mentioned I have a birthday coming up she let me know that Charlene has a February birthday too. Mrs. L loves the person-to-person interaction and enjoys the relationships she has developed with many of us. Talking and doing puzzles together is a health boost for Mrs. L, and an important component of what companion aides can offer to support Mrs. L's overall well-being. ~Phyllis

They gave me hugs when I left and Mr. R said that if I had any spare time to come and visit them again ...their door was always open. ~Sandy

Mrs. A came out about 20 minutes later and gave me a big hug. She said, “I’m so glad you’re here my little friend.”  ~Eva

My visit went too fast, I would have enjoyed to stay longer. They are such a warm and delightful couple and so funny. I laughed a lot during my visit. I look forward to seeing them again. ~Nancy 

He woke right as it was time for me to leave. He took my hand and gave me the sweetest smile and said "I'll see you next week!" I was so happy that he remembered I was coming back!! I wished him well and headed on my way! ~Cindy

My enthusiasm once again had Mrs. K asking me where I get my energy! I wonder if I started to look apologetic and if I calmed my voice because she patted my arm and told me not to change, to keep being the way I am - they enjoy it. Mr. K chimed in and said they really appreciate my company. I must say that I always feel happy after spending time with them! ~Nancy 

I had told her the other times I was with her that I was keeping track of the hugs I would owe her when she wasn't in quarantine anymore. Today I said I could start giving her some of the hugs I owed her! I gave her about 3 and she smiled and said "I haven't had a hug in a long time!" So I gave her several more!!    ~Sandy

When I left she again said "I'm gonna miss you, cant you stay?" I told her I would be back next week. Such a sweet lady! ~Pat

I helped Mrs. J shower and styled her hair for her. She said it looked great, and kissed my cheek. What a sweetheart she is. ~Lily


Mr. and Mrs. W both gave me a hug before I left.  Mrs. W tried to convince me to stay the night, but she understood when I told her that I had to go home and make supper for my son! Mrs. W is fantastic!  ~Cindy


When it was time for me to go Mrs. M walked me to the door. I gave her a hug and she gave me a kiss and said she had a good time with me. She said, "Thank you for your friendship.” I gave her another hug and said she was a good friend to have! She asked me when I was coming back again. I said Tuesday and she said, "That's a long time.” She waved at me from the window when I left. ~Sandy

Mrs. P asked if I was coming back after lunch and when I said yes she clapped her hands and said, “Oh goody! Eva’s coming back to be with us this afternoon.” She gave me a big hug and then Mr. P did too! They really know how to make my day! ~Eva

Mr. and Mrs. J reminisced and smiled and laughed a lot! Mr. J said to me, "I'm normally pretty shy and don't talk that much, but you seem to know how to get me to chat! You're easy to talk to!” ~ Cindy


When I went to get my coat I found Mrs. P by the outside door. She told me that she had been watching out her window to see that I got to my car OK and when she didn't see me she was worried and came down to make sure I was OK! I thanked her, gave her a hug and told her why I was delayed leaving. She stood at the window and waved to me as I left. This really touched me! ~Sandy

I went and got some more to share. That is when Mrs. O told me I was "like a breath of fresh air!" We make her day go by more smoothly as she has someone else to chat with and she says she does not feel as anxious. She said to Mr. O "No offense, but you don’t talk too much, and you can be quite boring!" - Pat

I told her I was here to visit and spend time with them. Mr. J said, “You don’t look like a boring person so we should have fun.” I laughed and told him I was anything but boring. ~Eva

Mrs. P knew that it was past the time I would have normally stayed, and she said for me to go. I reassured her that I wanted to stay to make sure that she was comfortable before I left. Mrs. P is very appreciative and said "you ladies are always going out of your way for me". I told her that it's definitely not out of our way...we love what we do and are happy to do it! 

 ~ Cindy

When I said goodbye she puckered up her lips and kissed me on the cheek. I told her I would come again to see her and she said, “I’ll be waiting here for you. Come again.” I look forward to my next adventure with Mrs. E!  - Eva

As I was helping Mrs. A put on her slippers after her shower, I was kneeling in front of her and she was sitting on her bed. As I put on her one slipper, she says "I feel like Cinderella trying on her glass slipper.” Boy did we both have a good laugh! Mrs. A is a doll! ~Lily

As we were walking the halls, there was a younger gentleman coming towards us and Mrs. S said out loud "Well, he is quite the hunk don’t you think!" Needless to say he heard this and chuckled, but I am sure my face turned red! ~Pat


She put her fingers through her hair and said, “I’m getting beautiful for my family.” I told her she was already beautiful and she blushed. ~ Eva

Mr. and Mrs. R kept saying that they enjoyed the afternoon and the time they spent with me! Mrs. R said that I smile all the time and that it was "refreshing"! She said to Mr. R, "I told you that when we need a Guardian Angel one would come" and she pointed to me! She's such a doll! I am so pleased that they were so happy, especially being our first visit together! ~Cindy


Before we left, I bought some yarn at Walmart. Mrs. R asked what it was for, and I told her I am making a Christmas gift for my great niece. She looks at me and says “Great niece? I had no idea you were that old", I laughed so hard I was crying. She had a good laugh too. The things that come out of her mouth, she is hilarious. ~Lily


When I was saying good-bye to Mrs. E, she told me to behave myself. When I told her that was no fun, she laughed and said “Somehow I knew you were going to say that!” ~ Nancy 

At 5 o'clock it was time for me to leave. I took Mr. W’s hand (as I usually do) and we said our goodbyes. Mr. W always has a way of making me smile! He asked if it was still snowing and I told him "Yes." He replied with "If there is too much snow you can stay at my house!” Still thinking about others at over 100 years old! Doesn't get any better than that! ~Cindy

Mrs. M has packed a lot into her 95 years; and despite the health circumstances in which she finds herself, she reveals “A life worth living is a life lived well” attitude. What a fine example of older adulthood! ~Phyllis



They both gave me a big hug on my way out and asked when I would be back, it's so good to know they enjoy my company as much as I enjoy theirs. ~Lily


  After a big hug, I was on my way telling Mrs. G that I would be back on Friday. She said "exercises are so much more fun when I have someone to talk to. Even walking and chatting was nicer. It’s not as much fun walking alone." ~Pat


Mrs. H paid us the biggest compliment today. I was helping her get ready for church, and we were talking about how she is slowly doing more for herself, and she said that she believes that if us girls hadn't come into her life, she doesn't think she would still be around. She was referring to her loneliness and how our company really brightens her whole outlook now. She has such kind words to say about all the girls, and it's great to know the difference we have made in her life. ~Lily

Mrs. J. and I did some of the exercises from TVP. She seemed to like doing these and even her husband seemed to be interested when he returned from running errands. I left a chart for them so they can chart their progress. They were both quite surprised at how it could be such a "simple" exercise and yet they could feel the muscles working.  ~Pat


He took my hand and held it to his heart and said "is that this week?". I said "No...today is Friday so we have to wait a week for me to visit again". He gave me the biggest, sweetest smile and said "I'll try to wait that long"! Mr. J is such a sweet man!! It is my honour to be able to visit with him and I always look forward to seeing him!! ~Cindy

At this point I told Mrs. G that she could sit and relax for a bit as we did not want to over do it. She laid down in her bed. When I told her she could close her eyes and relax, she said “Nope! I can sleep at night. Not every day I can chat!” ~Pat


We talked about how she enjoys our company during the day as it helps her to not get lonely. She mentioned a friend of hers that does not have many visitors and Mrs. K suspects that she is lonely. Mrs. K says that she does not feel that way as she has people that come to visit. ~Melissa

Next time Mrs. J and I are going to take Mr. J on in a game of crokinole. Mr.J said he was scared to play against two women and Mrs. J laughed and told him he better be!


After a walk outside, we headed back to the home so Mr.J. could take me dancing. Again, he had an awesome time dancing. He even serenaded me! He sang "Can I have this dance for the rest of my life!" Even when we went back outside before lunch, he was still clapping and singing to me. What a guy! Knows how to get to a woman's heart especially with his smile. … Another FUN filled day with Mr.J. Oh, he also promised me he would not fall asleep on me, especially when dancing.  ~ Pat

We walked around the neighbourhood today looking at all the homes. Ms.E 'soaked up' the sun. When a recreation person from the nursing home wheeled past us on specially-adapted bicycles that can give residents rides without having to pedal, the rec staff called out cheery greetings. Ms.E. called after them “I'm in better shape than you are!” We laughed – Ms.E too!    ~Nancy

I think you know I adore Mrs.H. She touches my heart...we have such good times together. She has a wicked sense of humour that makes us both laugh!   ~Bev

I like Mrs.M very much and I know she feels safe and happy with me on our visits. It must be unbelievably frightening to know your memory and abilities are slipping away. I saw the wistful look on her face last night at 7:30pm when I was leaving the retirement home after visiting another client. Mrs.M. was coming in the entrance door alone carrying her little purse and she paused to look in the games room where 4 or 5 tables of residents were playing cards. My heart ached for her because she loves the social interaction but can no longer play those games. I called to her and told her we are going to have another great time in St. Jacob's next week. She knows me now and knows we have fun together.    ~Bev

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