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Ailments Clients May Face


Warm Embrace clients have many different reasons for requiring assistance.  Some have a medical condition that makes daily functioning difficult; others are experiencing changes in many areas (ie: hearing, sight, strength, breathing, etc) and the collective impact of those changes mean help is necessary.  Warm Embrace assists clients with varying needs and conditions.  Below are some examples.

Someone who has an illness or physical condition such as…
  • surviving a stroke
  • osteoporosis and needs helping hands with specific at-risk activities (ie: bathing, transferring, exercising etc)
  • frailty and requires support
  • suffering a hip fracture and is rehabilitating
  • undergoing surgery and is recovering
  • sight or hearing impairment
  • congestive heart failure
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • edema (swelling of the legs) and cannot stand to cook
Someone who has a mental or cognitive condition such as… 
  • dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Parkinson’s Disease
  • depression and cannot initiate tasks or self-care
  • anxiety and needs reassurance
  • increasing difficulty with memory
Someone who is experiencing social or environmental changes such as…
  • losing a license
  • difficulty managing household tasks (organizing, decluttering, downsizing)
  • needing more care than a primary family caregiver (spouse, child) can provide
  • being placed on a long-term care waiting list, but needs assistance in the meantime
  • a conditional hospital discharge—home help is required as part of the discharge
  • being widowed and is lonely
  • moving recently and is not adjusting to their new surroundings (ie: moving from a house into an apartment)
  • being alone all day while family members are away at work

Regardless of medical condition or physical need, our goal is to provide comfort and care to make each day as bright as possible.  We will gladly help with all the practical activities of daily living while also being an uplifting presence.

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