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Your loved one deserves the best and you want to know that they will be in good hands.  With our fabulous caregivers, you can be assured that your loved one is in excellent hands.


We start by hiring exceptional people who have a huge heart of compassion.  Skills can be trained, but compassion and empathy are character traits that a caregiver must already demonstrate.


We provide exceptional training—not just when someone is initially hired, but throughout their time with Warm Embrace.  We value continual learning and offer opportunities for caregivers to hone their skills and become experts on particular topics.  Healthcare research is continually offering new advice and updated techniques; we provide opportunities to convey that new information to the team.


There are classroom sessions where practical, hands-on skills can be demonstrated and taught.  We provide a four-hour classroom session dedicated specifically to dementia care.  Caring for someone with dementia requires a specific skill set and best practices are constantly being updated.


The Tiered Exercise Program is also provided in a classroom session due to the physical and participatory nature of the training.  Many caregivers are active and fit personally, but this course teaches gentle exercise for the elderly and includes three different tiers to match clients’ varying ability levels.


In addition to classroom learning, we also provide online learning that remains available to caregivers throughout their employment with Warm Embrace.  They can always access the online training as a reference or review certain modules later.  There are elective modules that are sorted by topics that come with certification upon completion.


Every month, we host in-services where the whole team gets together for a meeting.  An educational topic is presented at these meetings, ensuring that everyone is increasing their knowledge and skill set while remaining current in best practices.  We believe in continual learning and improvement and we are proud to offer so many resources to our fabulous caregivers!


Exceptional Training

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