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Today’s families are dispersed across the country, or even across the globe.  You may live quite a distance from your parents, making it difficult to truly know how they are doing.  When you ask who has visited lately, they tell you a really nice lady was there this morning, but they can't recall her name. Your mother asks when the lady is coming back, and you're not sure what to tell her.   


Warm Embrace gives you access to the online scheduling!  You can log into your parents' account and see upcoming scheduled shifts to confirm which caregiver is visiting on which day and at which time.


If you ever wonder, "did my brother request an extra caregiver shift to cover the doctor's appointment for dad?" you can instantly log on and see the upcoming schedule.  If your mother calls you in a panic wondering how she'll get to her Alzheimer's Society meeting on Tuesday afternoon, you can quickly view the schedule and reassure her that her favourite caregiver is scheduled on Tuesday.
For families of current Warm Embrace clients: Online Schedule