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 Your mother was always an early-riser, up at the crack of dawn.  These days though, she prefers to slumber and doesn’t want to get out of bed until mid-morning.  Can we accommodate her new routine?  Most certainly!  Client hours are adjusted to fit your loved one’s routine.  We don’t dictate a set routine of service hours; we work with you to create a plan that will seamlessly fit into your loved one’s lifestyle.

Our minimum shift length is three hours long.  This timeframe is necessary to encourage the relationship and bonding between your loved one and his/her caregiver.  As well, personal care, transportation, and household tasks may require additional time when we are accommodating your loved one’s pace; three hours allows us to match their pace without rushing them along.

You can receive help for any length of time that suits your need—up to 24/7 constant care.  There are many options available; we will adjust everything to suit your individual need. 

A regular schedule is set so that your loved one knows who to expect and at what time.  Your loved one will be given a set schedule with a precise time for the caregiver’s arrival—not a range of a few hours in which someone might arrive.  Caregivers will clock in and out of their scheduled shifts using your loved one’s phone.  This guarantees that every client has the help they require exactly on time.  For more information about our accountability system, please click this button:  

There are situations where you might need help beyond your regularly scheduled hours, and we’re happy to assist in those cases as well.  You loved one might have a doctor’s appointment at a time when they don’t have a regularly scheduled shift; we can provide a caregiver.  Respite care, convalescent care, vacation coverage, or palliative care are all arranged as needed.

A complimentary assessment is provided to help you determine what is best for your unique situation.  Please call us at (519) 954-2480 to arrange your free assessment.

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