Warm Embrace Rates





Ongoing Service Rates

Weekday Rates ...... $38.00/hour + hst

Weekend Rates ...... $42.00/hour + hst 

(from 12am Saturday to 12am Monday) 

Ongoing Service is scheduled to meet each client's particular needs and preferences. Services can be provided for a minimum of three hours per shift and 12 hours/week.  Overnight care and 24/7 care can also be in provided twelve hour shifts (or adjusted to meet client needs).


Temporary Service Rates 

Temporary Rates ...... $45.00/hour + hst

Temporary Service is scheduled when a client is needing care for a set length of time. Temporary Service agreements require a commitment of at least 50 hours of service.  



Mileage ...... $0.90 /km +hst

Mileage is only charged for any mileage accrued during the shift for the purpose of doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, social outings, etc.  It does not include the caregiver driving to or from the client’s home before or after the scheduled shift.