Respite Care


Your husband has dementia and you care for him at home, but there simply aren’t enough hours in a day for you to get everything done and you haven’t had a proper nights’ sleep in weeks. 


Your mother lives with you in your home and you’re afraid to leave her while you go on holiday.  She can’t manage to go camping with you, but you don’t want to miss your annual holiday with the family.  You need respite care from Warm Embrace.


Family caregiving is an honourable endeavour.  You were suddenly thrust into the role of being a caregiver—whether you wanted to be or not.  You have taken on additional full-time responsibility, added to a lifestyle that was already busy and stressful.

For your own health,

it is necessary

to take a break.


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Caring for yourself is going to be critical if you wish to continue caring for your loved one.  Whether you’re caring for an unwell spouse or your aging mother who lives in your home, or watching out for your parents who live across town, you feel that you are suddenly on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Somehow, we slip into a position where we expect ourselves to maintain this hectic pace when it simply is not realistic. In no other phase of life or occupation do you expect yourself to work tirelessly and be on-call indefinitely and yet that is the position in which you find yourself at the moment.



It is necessary for your own health to be able to take a break.  You need to be able to step away from the burden of constant responsibility and take some time for yourself.  Respite care can be provided in many different forms.  Daily or weekly assistance provides a block of time that is completely yours.  Your phone will not ring; you will not be on-call. 


You can do whatever it is that you like—or nothing at all.  Catch up on sleep, take a bath, read a book, go for a walk, see your friends whom you haven’t seen in months.


Vacation coverage is also essential.  Even if you have daily or weekly assistance in place, you will need some time away that is true vacation time.  During your holiday, you will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is being well-cared for.  When you return from holidays, your loved one will have enjoyed the companionship, and all of their household tasks will be up to date.  You won't return to a long to-do list; you'll return to a happy and contented loved one!


We are called Warm Embrace because our focus is always on the client first— attending to your loved ones’ needs and spending quality time together
are the top priorities.


Home Care


Respite is an important part of self-care!
 We provide respite care and supplementary care in many locations.