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Your mother has had dementia for years, and your father has been her primary caregiver. You know he’s burned out and now his physical health is showing the impact; he has been hospitalized and it doesn’t look like he’ll be discharged quickly.


You need help and you need it right away. Your mother can’t be left alone and you’re torn between your mother who needs constant care and your father who is in hospital. 

Our caregivers can provide the help your mother needs,

24/7 around-the-clock. 


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Our caregivers can provide the help your mother needs, 24/7 around-the-clock. Throughout the day, our goal is to maintain her routine as much as possible. We’ll aim to keep her engaged in activities and cue her step-by-step to complete various tasks.


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Throughout the day, we’ll ensure that all of your mother’s personal care needs are met, as well as her social and emotional needs. We will also attend to the household by completing various tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. We’ll aim to have your mother join us while we’re cooking meals, and then we’ll sit with her throughout the meal to inspire her to eat.


When it’s time for bed, we’ll help her to prepare for bed and get her settled. We’ll then remain overnight to ensure she is safe. If she awakens in the night, we’ll reassure her and help her to get settled once again. The overnight care would be just like our night shift routine.


When your father returns home from the hospital, our schedule might change a little, but it is very likely your parents will still need some level of assistance. Depending upon your father’s care needs, we can schedule a caregiver at the time(s) of day when he needs us most.  Your father will need to spend his energy on healing and recovering; we can spend our energy on being a full-time caregiver to his wife.





Overnight shifts ensure that a caregiver
is present throughout the night.
Any time your parent is up,
the caregiver will attend to their needs.


Overnight Support







When is 24/7 Care Required?


There are many situations where 24/7 care may be required.

Here are some of the most common situations where we provide 24/7 care:


  • Someone with dementia cannot be left alone
  • A person with dementia has a different day/night routine than their spouse
  • Recent hospital discharge
  • A primary caregiver is on holidays, has surgery scheduled, or has a health crisis of their own
  • A primary caregiving spouse passes away and the remaining spouse needs care



  • An elderly couple where one has dementia and the other has physical ailments
  • Someone has high physical needs and requires frequent physical assistance
  • Awaiting a long term care placement when care needs have suddenly escalated
  • Supplementing care within a retirement home to allow someone to remain living in retirement and not be moved to a long-term care home.







Dementia Care


Dementia care is highly customized because each person with dementia has unique needs. Your family needs a caregiver who can adjust to match the changes in your loved one.



Dementia Care




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