Caregiving is about so much more than just physically assisting someone, it is about being a companion and a friend.  Our caregivers are empathetic and understanding, they listen with an open mind and a caring heart, they slow down and match the pace of the senior for whom they are caring. 


Since clients choose their own visit time we are hiring wonderful people who will be able to match the needs of individual clients.  Therefore, we have a variety of shifts available daytime, evening, overnight and on weekends.  We also have full-time and part-time hours available.  The broader your availability, the more easily you can be matched with clients who need you.  Our shifts can vary in length but are guaranteed never to be less than 3 hours.



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We live our mission and values every day and make a real difference in people’s lives.  If this is also your passion, we want to hear from you.


Our Mission


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As a Warm Embrace caregiver, you can be someone’s hero every day and be a part of our compassionate team of people working for a common purpose. 
Experience in caregiving is an asset, whether it be professionally, or caring for a loved one.  Warm Embrace provides extensive upfront and ongoing training.  You bring the heart of compassion; we will provide the skill training.


If you believe that this is your passion and that you would make an exceptional caregiver then please apply today!




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All necessary Training Provided!


You bring the heart of compassion; we will provide the skill training.  Before you are placed with any clients, you will attend in-class training where practical hands-on skills can be demonstrated and taught. You will also have access to online training modules that you can review as often as you’d like. 


We continue to offer training and support to our caregivers, beyond initial training.  You will be able to attend an entire workshop on dementia care.  You may also elect to complete the Tiered Exercise Program which trains you in gentle exercise for the elderly.


You will receive additional support from our Onboarding Mentor.  She conducts training sessions and Caregiver Connect—a chance for you to meet in small groups with fellow caregivers.  Our Onboarding Mentor is a promoted caregiver who has worked with countless clients. She has incredible experience and can relate to the situations that caregivers find.  


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Fulfilling Relationships



If caregiving is more than a career for you and it is truly your calling, it is likely because you deeply care about people.  You want to make a difference in people’s lives, and you want to have fulfilling relationships with the clients you serve.


At Warm Embrace, we believe it is possible to have a balance between professionalism and personal relationships—they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.  It is wonderful when a caregiver and a client truly connect!


You are able to establish a bond with clients because you are with them for hours at a time. You aren't just rushing in and out; you are with the client continuously. This allows you the luxury of time to match a client’s pace and focus on the client first instead of focusing on a task. 


Companionship visits within retirement and long term care homes are very different than working as a PSW within those same facilities. 


Warm Embrace caregivers are assigned to one client at a time. You will be completely focused on one person’s needs, feeling relaxed and making sure your client has a wonderful day.  You are not racing from room to room attempting to help numerous residents at once. 


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Instead of feeling pulled in a million directions and feeling like you can never quite do enough, as a Warm Embrace caregiver, you get the deep satisfaction of making a very personal difference for your clients each and every day.







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Best of all, you’re not limited to one client on your roster.  You will visit a variety of clients, each of whom will touch your life in a different way. 

Just as each caregiver has something unique to bring to a client, each client has something unique to offer in return.  Clients do impact our lives as they offer us valuable insight, perspective and wisdom.
Getting to know clients in a personal way is deeply fulfilling.  If you feel that caregiving goes beyond a career and is truly a calling, then you will fit right in with our Warm Embrace caregiver team!


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In the Words of a Caregiver

See what current caregivers are saying about Warm Embrace!



I'm thrilled to be part of the Warm Embrace team! I really enjoy my work and every one of our staff is so wonderful. It is such a pleasure to work with them! 



I love working for Warm Embrace Elder Care. You get to know a lot of people and make a difference in their lives. Every day is different and challenging. Very rewarding job!



If you care for the elderly and want to help them, Warm Embrace is a great company to work for. Very friendly management and coworkers!

"Warm Embrace is a great company to work for, they really pride themselves in helping people and making a difference! Everyone I have met who works here is great, they are so nice and have a heart of gold. The training offered is wonderful, it really sets you up for the workplace and teaches you all the fundamentals about dementia and different clients. Variety of shifts and shift times are great, always availability to pick up hours."

"As an employee of Warm Embrace Elder Care, I have been impressed by how well run, well organized and supportive the company is to work for. The management is very attuned to being supportive toward their employees and fostering personal growth through mentoring and training. They are always there to help when difficult situations arise. Everything is made clear and many resources are made available to enrich the caregiving experience. It's a great and meaningful place to work where you can make a real and positive difference in peoples lives that is very much appreciated by those receiving the care and their families."


"Great place to work and be part of a warm and caring team! I have learned that as we age we encounter all kinds of different aspects to our life. For those of us who want to make the difference in someone's life, caregiving is a very rewarding part of our day.  When we take over from a family member to care for their loved ones it allows them to recharge their batteries and allows us to spend time with some really special people."



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As a Warm Embrace caregiver,

you can be someone’s hero every day and

be a part of our compassionate team of people working for a common purpose. 


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