Supplementary Care





Warm Embrace caregivers provide assistance in many different settings. Our role is different in each location, but our focus remains the same—tender loving care for your loved one to ensure that they adjust to their new surroundings.




Retirement Home Help


Providing additional care for your loved one allows them to remain living in the retirement home. The social connection offered by a caregiver can have positive health benefits.


Retirement Home Help













Long Term Care Home Help


Health and well-being are dependent on so much more than three meals a day and a clean environment.  Human connection is vital to overall wellness and this need does not disappear when someone moves into long term care.


LTC Support




Respite Care


Caring for yourself is going to be critical if you wish to continue caring for your loved one. Respite care can be provided in many different forms.  Daily or weekly assistance provides a block of time that is completely yours.  


Respite Care







Knowing that your loved one has the attentive care that he or she deserves will allow you to replenish your strength for the times when you can be present.






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