Our Family Story 


Founded in 2007, Warm Embrace Elder Care is a family business, operated by a mother, Brenda Hamilton and her daughters Chloe & Avery Hamilton.   We are a family, and we work together to serve your family in a meaningful way.


Brenda was a typical “sandwich generation” woman; she was caught between caring for her mother, Margaret, and caring for her five children (including Chloe and Avery!).  Since Brenda was an only child, all of the caregiving for her mother became her responsibility.  Added to that challenge was long-distance caregiving since her mother lived in another community, two hours away.  



Our favourite family photo of Margaret,

showing her love for dogs




Margaret Ella Burke surrounded by her grandchildren


Margaret Ella Burke surrounded by her

grandchildren (clockwise):
 Avery, Ruben, Chloe, Kalen, Miles




Few services were available for her mother in that community, so Margaret moved locally to be closer to Brenda and the family.  She initially moved into an apartment, then into retirement living, then into a nursing home.  Unfortunately, Margaret’s health declined with each of these moves and her independence was greatly impacted.  Brenda sincerely believes that her mother could have done much better had care been available to her mother at home, where Margaret was most comfortable.


Chloe and Avery were greatly impacted by the changes in their grandmother and the way in which her quality of life was reduced, demonstrating the far-reaching effect of elder care, even across three generations.  Years later, Chloe and Brenda decided to provide a solution to other families who require care for their aging loved ones.  Warm Embrace Elder Care was borne out of a desire to ensure that other families have the care that we would have desired for our mother and grandmother.




When we are invited into your family to assist your loved one, we approach with the mindset of: “what would we want if we were in your situation?”  Because we have experienced family caregiving, we know what it’s like to be in the midst of caring for a loved one while balancing all of life’s other commitments. 


We know what the stress feels like, and we know how overwhelming it can be to not have the answers, not know where to turn.  Through Warm Embrace, we offer you peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is receiving care by someone who has been there, someone who ‘gets it."


As a family, we understand the importance of personalized service from someone who really cares about your well-being. We know that excellent care goes far beyond a focus on housekeeping or meal preparation; excellent care is holistic and comprehensive, it is caring for the whole person to ensure overall wellness. Excellent care is the difference between merely surviving and truly thriving.  




We understand the importance of personalized service from someone who is compassionate and respectful.


Our Mission & Values





Brenda, Chloe and Avery Hamilton



Warm Embrace Elder Care was founded in 2007. We are a true family business, founded and operated by a mother and her two daughters. We are proud to be among a growing contingent of family businesses that are female-owned with female management teams.
Warm Embrace is the only home care company in the region to have consistent management since 2007. We are proud to have served thousands of local families over the years and we look forward to serving many more families in the years to come.




We look forward to

the honour of providing care to you and your loved ones!


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