Our Mission:


Empowering the elderly, 
to experience fulfillment today, 
through dignified care.









Empowering the Elderly...


We focus on capabilities and not on deficits. We help clients to celebrate their abilities and we encourage clients to maintain their strength and capabilities in every possible area.  We never do for someone else what they can do for themselves. 
We aren’t there to take over; we’re there to support along the way. We want to help our clients to maintain independence because we believe that independence doesn’t mean you’re doing it alone; it means you’re choosing how everything is done.




...To Experience Fulfillment Today...


Our clients deserve to have moments of happiness and contentment each and every day.  What that means and how it is defined is remarkably unique.  For some clients, completing an entire list of tasks feels productive and that sense of accomplishment is deeply fulfilling.  For other clients, a connected conversation, or simply sitting in a sunbeam together and holding hands is deeply meaningful and that provides fulfillment.  Every client, regardless of health, physical state, mental cognition, or living arrangement deserves to feel content and fulfilled each day and it is our mission to contribute to that fulfillment.









...Through Dignified Care


Our clients are fascinating people who have lived incredible lives! Our clients have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges, survived unfathomable hardships, and were tenacious through it all.  They deserve to be recognized for their life experience, acknowledged for who they are as an individual, taking their personal life story into account.
Dignified care means that we slow down and match their preferred pace without rushing. It means granting options and choices and respecting clients’ wishes. It means putting ourselves in their shoes to understand their perspective. 



Our Values





Having a heart of empathy by envisioning yourself in someone else’s shoes, and treating them with the kindness you would desire.






Spontaneously adjusting to match the situation and having the flexibility of mindset to see numerous possible solutions.




Honouring a person for who they are and who they have been by maintaining their sense of pride.





Bringing a freshness to each day by eagerly finding the best in any situation and sharing your cheerfulness.


How can we help?

We are honoured to come alongside and support our incredible clients.


We learn from our clients daily and it is our mission to empower the elderly to experience fulfillment daily through dignified care. 



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