Meet the Team


Behind every great caregiver is an important support team!  Our fabulous caregivers are the ones you will see out and about with clients in the community, and it's our dedicated behind-the-scenes team who keep everything running smoothly.





Chloe Hamilton



In 2007, Chloe founded Warm Embrace out of a desire to provide care that she would want for her own family.  Chloe’s passion for seniors started as a young child; when she was in high school, she started a volunteer program during lunch hour for high school students to visit local, homebound seniors.  Years later, she developed Warm Embrace as a way to go beyond just social visits and provide more extensive care.


Chloe continues to volunteer in the community in many ways; one of her more involved roles is as Chair of the Elder Abuse Prevention Council in Waterloo Region.


Chloe completed her Honours BA with distinction at the University of Guelph as well as a Geriatric Certificate from McMaster University.  Chloe is married and lives in Waterloo with her husband.  One of their favourite hobbies is dancing together, and they are continually working on their Argentine Tango. 




Brenda Hamilton

Director of Finance


Brenda is the Director of Finances and ensures that payroll is always completed on time and everything is accounted for. You can count on Brenda to pay attention to detail!  


As a mother of five children, Brenda has always placed high value on family relationships and caring for her loved ones. She became sole caregiver of her own ailing mother while still caring for her young family. Brenda understands firsthand the importance of having additional support during such a challenging time. Warm Embrace Elder Care was born out of her desire to support other families with the care of their aging loved ones.


When not behind the scenes working at Warm Embrace, Brenda enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, yoga, painting, quilting, gardening, travel and reading. She also daydreams wistfully about becoming a grandmother one day!




Avery Hamilton

Office & Administration Manager


As the Office & Administration Manager, Avery makes everything run smoothly on the admin side.  From client requests to technology glitches and implementation of new systems, she manages to juggle a dozen different tasks and somehow stays on top of everything!


Avery graduated from the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College and brought her fitness expertise to Warm Embrace.  She developed the Triple Vitality program at Warm Embrace that focuses on physical activity, mental stimulation and social interaction for seniors. 


Avery continues to live by example with her Fitness and Health Promotion education—she is an avid exercise enthusiast.  In her spare time, Avery enjoys walking her energetic great dane, Maple.  She also enjoys relaxing at Sauble Beach with a good book, or being out on the water in a seadoo or canoe.




Lisa Metzger

Onboarding Mentor


As the Onboarding Mentor, Lisa conducts training sessions with new caregivers, and provides support as they transition into the role. Lisa is an experienced caregiver who has managed every type of caregiving situation and she shares her wisdom and experience by mentoring the whole team. She loves hearing the heartwarming stories that caregivers share during drop-in sessions.


Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and their significant others.  She recently started playing golf and enjoys it more than she expected!  The best part of golf is spending time with her tight-knit family.


As an avid dog lover, Lisa can regularly be found walking her beloved dog, Larry.  Lisa also enjoys travelling to different countries and learning about new cultures.  She maintains a destination wish list of all the places she still hopes to go!





Lissette Mairena Wong

Scheduling Coordinator


As the scheduling coordinator, Lissette organizes and manages client and caregiver schedules. She also helps with admin tasks, and maintains our social media accounts. When you call us and have a scheduling question, Lissette is your go to person!


Lissette’s passion to help others inspired her to study Social Development Studies at Renison University College. At University, she discovered her passion to advocate for our vulnerable populations, such as children and seniors. She volunteered abroad to teach children and youth, and she continues to volunteer in the community.


When she’s not working at Warm Embrace, Lissette enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and writing, jogging, rock climbing, and attending church. She also enjoys travelling to her parents’ birth country, as well as different countries, to learn more about new cultures.




Theresa Landry

Client Wellness Advocate


When you schedule a client assessment, you will meet Theresa. As our Client Wellness Advocate, Theresa arranges client care and provides follow-up to ensure client wellness goals are met. You will also see her out and about in the community!


Theresa’s dedication and passion for serving seniors started when she was young and she brings with her 30 years of experience working with seniors in retirement residences. She has held roles in recreation, culinary, marketing and the last 20 years as a General Manager.


When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters, their dog Daisy, and family and friends. She loves trying out our local restaurants, reading, and swimming. Theresa is known for hosting great parties and cooking up delicious recipes to serve.  In the summer months, you will find her beside her pool with her friends and family.




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Warm Embrace was founded by a family and continues to be operated by that family.  Since 2007, we have served local families and look forward to serving your family too.  


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