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Home Care


Caregivers are able to help with all the tasks of daily living, from personal care right through to household tasks.  As our company name says, we focus on the client first—the Warm Embrace. 


Home Care






Dementia Care


Dementia care is highly customized because each person with dementia has unique needs. Your family needs a caregiver who can adjust to match the changes in your loved one.

Dementia Care













Supplementary Care


Warm Embrace caregivers provide assistance in many different settings. Our role is different in each location, but our focus remains the same—tender loving care for your loved one to ensure that they adjust to their new surroundings.


Supplementary Care




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24 Hour Care


There are many situations where 24/7
care may be required. Here are some
of the most common situations
where we provide 24/7 care:


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Does your loved one need Overnight Care?




Overnight shifts ensure that a caregiver
is present throughout the night.
Any time your parent is up,
the caregiver will attend to their needs.


Overnight Support









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