Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Warm Embrace unique?


  • We are a family-run business that is entirely local. Unlike national franchises where management is out of province—or even out of the country—we are right here, in the community that we serve.  Our family story and personal connection to elder care is at the heart of what we do. Founded in 2007, we have the longest-standing consistent management of any homecare company in the region.  You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Testimonials and reviews left by families we’ve served will tell you everything you need to know!


How long have you been in business?


  • We have been serving Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington since 2007.  In that time, we have served thousands of families in many different situations. Our expertise in dementia care allows us to care for clients with advanced dementia.  Having consistent management since 2007 ensures that families receive the same consistent level of high-quality care that they know and trust from Warm Embrace.  If you’d like to hear from clients directly, you can review their testimonials.







We are a family-run business that is entirely local! We've been serving Waterloo Region and Guelph-Wellington since 2007.


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Is homecare just at home?  Where do you provide care?


  • Home isn’t always a place—it is often a feeling. And Warm Embrace aims to create that feeling for your loved one, no matter where they are currently living. We provide companionship and support to people who are living in the family home of many years, in a condo or apartment, in retirement living communities, or in long term care. We also support people through end-of-life care by providing palliative care support at home, in hospice, or in hospital.



What tasks or services are included in homecare?




My parents don’t think they need any help. What do I do next? 


  • That is a perfectly normal reaction! Most people—of any age—like to think they are independent. Our belief is that independence doesn’t mean you do it all by yourself; independence is being in charge of how things are done. Our job is to come alongside your parents to support their lifestyle, not to take over what they can manage. Many clients are reluctant to accept help initially—who doesn’t find change scary?—but they quickly grow to love their caregivers!


I am doing so much for my parents, can you help?


  • You are not alone! It is important to acknowledge your own needs and recognize when family caregiving has become too much for one person to manage single-handedly. When we are enlisted to support a client, our support is not just for the client directly, but for the whole family. While your parents may want to avoid change, once they realize that they are still the boss of their own home, they quickly relax into their new routine—a new routine that is not solely dependent on you.






My parent has started behaving differently. How do I help someone with dementia?


It is important to understand the emotional needs of someone who has dementia. They are processing the world around them with a brain that has been altered by dementia, and sometimes their behaviour changes because their brain processing has changed. Understanding the main cause of behaviour and how to better support those with dementia can lead to improved interactions and better days for everyone involved!  We blog extensively on how to support people with dementia.


Dementia Care



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Do you provide respite care? How does it work?


  • The purpose of respite care is to provide relief to someone who is a primary family caregiver.  To remain strong, fresh and patient, family caregivers need to take a break and have time to rejuvenate. The best part of respite care is that we come to your loved one. Their routine and familiar environment remains the same; they are not uprooted and sent somewhere else. Respite care is typically scheduled on a regular, weekly basis so you can have regular opportunities to recharge. However, we can also offer extended respite coverage if you’re going away on holidays. In such cases, we’re often providing 24/7 care or overnight care while the primary caregiver is on a much-needed vacation.


Do you provide night shifts?


  • We certainly do!  In some cases, night shifts are a form of respite relief for a primary caregiver who needs to sleep. In other cases, night shifts are necessary when someone returns from hospital or has high personal care needs. For clients with dementia, day and night can become mixed up, and night shifts can ensure safety if someone is up and about in the night.



Do you provide live-in caregivers?


  • We can provide overnight care and 24-hour-around-the-clock care and both are done in scheduled shifts. We want to ensure that your loved one receives top-quality care, and to provide that, caregivers need to be well-rested and ready to assist.  Our caregivers are established in the community with homes and families of their own; they do not move into clients’ homes permanently. Just as family members deserve respite, we believe that caregivers need the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate to be their absolute best.



Can you cover 24/7 care?


  • Yes! We have provided 24-hour-around-the-clock care support to many families.  We are known for our impressive reliability. If we have taken on the responsibility of serving a client 24/7, we ensure that we have caregiver coverage in place. To verify our reliability, be sure to review our testimonials.




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My parent has dementia.

Are you equipped to help?


We specialize in advanced dementia care.  Over 70% of our clients have some form of dementia. What sets us apart is our philosophy of dementia care. It is all about empowering clients to feel connected and productive. During the early stage of dementia, we help clients to create successful strategies and promote their capabilities. During the mid-stage of dementia, we provide reminders, cueing, and hands-on assistance with tasks.


In the later stages of dementia, our role is to provide human connection and companionship, to help your loved one feel validated, and to provide personal care needs as they arise. We aim to meet the emotional needs of those with dementia, and we are aware that their behaviour may change as their brain is impacted by the progression of dementia.


Dementia Care



How can we help?

Do you provide service in rural areas?


  • Yes!  We serve Waterloo Region and Wellington County.  There are many outlying communities and we serve many of these areas.  We are local to Kitchener-Waterloo and Guelph and surrounding area.


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My parents deserve the best. How do we get started?


  • It’s easy!  Just contact us by calling 519 954 2480 or drop us a line in the form to the left.  We’ll have a conversation with you to better understand your unique situation. We can arrange a meeting (phone, virtual, or in-person) to determine how we can assist and to develop a care plan. Then we put scheduling into place and provide support and relief to your family!




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