How We Assist






How We Assist

Dementia care is highly customized because each person with dementia has unique needs.  Although dementia progresses along a continuum, it is not the same journey for each person.




Hispanic caregiver smiling and helping an elderly lady drinking tea







When is 24/7 Care Required?


There are many situations where 24/7
care may be required. Here are some
of the most common situations
where we provide 24/7 care:


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Resisting Help


female senior washing carrots at the sink


Independence means
you’re the boss!





white family of 3 generations - father, daughter and grandson


Are you doing everything for your elderly parents?


  Doing It All  



caregiver smiling as her female patient sits comfortably and drinks tea


Change is Scary...

But it doesn't have to be!


Change is Scary





The Stages of Dementia


Senior woman looking at the window as she drinks her tea


Early Stage



caregiver and client walking outside on a fall day




Elderly ladies hands crossed on top of her lap


Late Stage





Elderly lady washing carrots at the sink





We are all about

empowerment and

celebrating capabilities!


Our Philosophy of Dementia Care