five burgundy stars


"We would highly recommend Warm Embrace. They were extremely helpful and caring when we brought my dad home from the hospital. They assisted my mom in daily chores and extra care for my dad. A special thank you goes to Linda and Donna the caregivers."

~ Sandy M. ~




five burgundy stars


"I highly recommend Warm Embrace if you are looking for care for yourself or a family member. The owner Chloe is fantastic! She truly cares about people and goes the extra mile. I was able to set up care twice a week for my Mother on very short notice. Jerusalem did a fantastic job with my Mother. Thank you, Chloe and Jerusalem and all of the staff at Warm Embrace!"

~ Kim C. ~




five burgundy stars


"I highly recommend Warm Embrace for those needing home support. Everyone was so understanding and accommodating and my mom particularly loved Michelle. Thanks, Michelle and the whole team for providing such a needed service. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner."

~ Sue T. ~

Thank you to each of the client families who took the time to share such heartwarming testimonials.  The reviews on this page are just a selection of the publicly posted reviews on our Google account. If you'd like to read reviews in their entirety or find additional reviews, please click the icon below.  



I cannot say enough good things about the staff and services of Warm Embrace. My elderly mother who has dementia lives in my home and is often alone when my family is away at work and school for the day. The companions from Warm Embrace who have been spending time with my mother have had such a positive effect on her days. They are always warm and caring, respectful and understanding of her memory challenges, and always make her time with them enjoyable.


It started with the first visit with Chloe where she met with us to find out my mother's likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, etc. From there, every visit has been a wonderful experience for my mother. The companions fully understand what my mother needs and also what she enjoys, so they make sure she is well cared for and entertained in a way that works for her. They truly listen and treat my mother with dignity and respect.


The administrative staff has been equally as wonderful whenever I have had to call or email with a question or to reschedule our visits. I highly recommend this excellent organization if you have a loved one that requires companionship and care when you are unable to provide it yourself.


~ Jill T. ~





"Wonderful People at Warm Embrace"


"After Mom, who was suffering from dementia and related anger/depression, fell and broke her hip, we were extremely worried about how we would provide ongoing care for her. The hospital set us up with the wonderful people at Warm Embrace. Mom is very strong-willed and independent and refused to have "strangers" in her home. Dad was becoming completely overwhelmed. We brought Mom home from the hospital and waited anxiously to see how the first "visit" would go. A big shout out to Linda who knew just how to gain Mom's trust convinced her to use her walker and significantly improved her outlook. We have been astonished to hear Mom actually giggle during visits with her new "friends!" Thank you so much to everyone at Warm Embrace. You are making an ongoing world of difference to our whole family."

~ Cindy W. ~


Our Dementia Care Services



"Warm Embrace is a wonderful agency supplying support to not only my husband who is housebound but to me. They clean and cook, do the laundry, and even have baked cookies. They are eager to do anything they can to support me, giving me needed time away as well as make life pleasant and safe for my husband. I feel I can leave with the confidence that all will be well at home. I highly recommend this organization!"

– Pamela H. ~



Our Home Care Services 



"I have recently had the opportunity to meet the Warm Embrace team and learn about their business. The care they have for their clients and their families is genuine. They value their team and truly embody the story of their family on their website."

~  Carly O. ~




"Most impressed with Warm Embrace. This service is #1!"


"This service is #1. It is was reassuring to know someone was with our mother in between our visits and there to keep her company and assist her with dinner. The log notes were beneficial to know how much she ate, how much she drank, snacks, and overall mood. The nice thing is even if a rough time always ended on a positive note! We so appreciate this service and consistency on the same person coming in. Thanks Fardousa you were Amazing all the best to you. It's emotionally hard working with people at the end of life but you are caring, patient, loving and we so appreciated having you be there for Mom."

~ Kathryn S. ~


"We were given referrals to 3 agencies and after speaking to all 3, we were most impressed with Warm Embrace. From the moment they answered the phone, I felt their warmth and caring. I spoke with Chloe who is a great listener, very understanding, and has a genuine desire to create the right fit and solution. Their website is wonderful and their story is inspiring. Thank you for being there when we needed you!"

~ Karen S. ~


"When things took a turn for the worse with my mother we didn't know where to look. When I Googled "in-home care for sick parent" Warm Embrace was the 1st to pop up. I made the call - Avery was amazing. We talked for a good 30 mins and she even comforts me when I was crying. The ladies at Warm Embrace are amazing! They are loving and caring women with the most compassionate care you could ever want for your parents. I can't thank you enough for what your team has done up to this point. I look forward to spending more time with my mom and all you wonderful ladies. Our home is your home."

~ Shannon M. ~



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When we began looking for companion care for my aunt who had just moved into a retirement home, I reached out to three different agencies in the Guelph area. What made Warm Embrace stand out was the tone of our very first conversation. Chloe exuded empathy and competence; she was genuinely interested in our situation and asked thoughtful questions as a means to fully understand the needs of my aunt and our reasons for accessing her service.


It was clear that our family situation was one she had encountered before and she was able to provide an excellent solution that has provided ease of mind for us and increased freedom and enjoyment for my aunt. The level of service is both professional and extremely personable.


As we encountered new challenges with the changing nature of my aunt's needs, Chloe responded quickly, with guidance and suggestions for new approaches. My aunt seems to thoroughly enjoy the outings she goes on with her companion. The variety of destinations and the thought put into making them fun and interesting to my aunt, catering to her interests and needs (despite the restraints of COVID) is much appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any friends or family.


~ Mary Jane S. ~ 




"They improved the quality of life of my parents"


"My mother looked forward to her visits and getting to know her caregivers/friends. They shared stories, helped with groceries, preparing food, doing her nails, putting her hair in rollers, it was her time for what she needed or wanted. In this crazy time of Covid with emotions and restrictions, it was her time, something all our seniors deserve. It is not always what we want for them but what they need for themselves. I would not hesitate to use their services again. It brought my mother hope, joy, and sunshine at a very dark time for her, when she lost her daughter during Covid. Thank you to everyone who was so kind to her, you made her day brighter. Thank you for making a difference, it is appreciated."

~ Wendy M. ~


Companionship Care



"Warm Embrace assisted my Mother and Father both when they were ill. This service is invaluable to both the patient and the family. The peace of mind it gives to know someone is there to help is immeasurable. All the staff has been excellent and it is obvious they truly care. I believe that they have improved the quality of life of my parents significantly and indeed helped to extend their lifespan towards the end of their lives. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone that requires caregiver assistance."

~ Tim B. ~


"My Dad was very active and enjoyed hiking and getting outdoors. When he moved to an assisted living facility I knew who to call. Chloe and her team met with us and got to know my Dad. They said they had just the right people in mind to match with my Dad. Wow, were they ever bang on. Each week my Dad can hardly wait for Darcy or Laura to arrive. He's out for his walks, drives in the countryside, and visits the market and small-town coffee shops! Thank you Warm Embrace!"

~ Bruce L. ~




burgundy 5 stars


"I can't say enough about the quality of support my parents received from Avery, Brenda, and the entire team at Warm Embrace. Communication was excellent. Responsiveness to changing needs was excellent. And, my parents fell in love with the caregivers that Warm Embrace provided. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thank you to the team at Warm Embrace."

~ Ron S. ~



5 burgundy stars


"So grateful for all the caregivers who have helped care for my parents these last 8 years. Warm Embrace came into our lives at a crucial time when they were first diagnosed with Alzheimer's and I was at a loss as to what to do for them. The wonderful caregivers enriched their lives and supported me as well. So grateful for them!"

 ~ Deirdre L. ~



5 burgundy stars


"This is the second time I have requested help from Warm Embrace to help provide care for my mom in the past two years. This time a Caregiver was the provider in a Long Term Care setting before I was allowed in as a Family Caregiver. Thank you once again!" 


~ Brenda B. ~

Thank you to each of the client families who took the time to share such heartwarming testimonials.  The reviews on this page are just a selection of the publicly posted reviews on our Google account. If you'd like to read reviews in their entirety or find additional reviews, please click the icon below.  




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