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Companionship is all about human connection. It’s about two people slowing down long enough to truly listen to each other and understand each other. It’s about feeling seen and knowing that you matter.


Sometimes, companionship involves conversation. Sometimes, it’s all about the comfortable silence of knowing that it’s okay to be quiet together. The key is in being together. In many cases, the best companionship conveys a sense of security, peace and contentment without uttering a single word.  Just the presence of a compassionate and understanding person can speak volumes.


Companionship is focusing on the person first. It is all about the Warm Embrace—sometimes a literal embrace, but most often, the general sense of feeling warm and fuzzy when someone you care about arrives to visit.  Companionship is exuding a sense of: “you are what matters most in this moment. Tasks can wait because you are here and you matter to me.”




Companionship is focusing on the person first. It's all about the Warm Embrace.



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Here at Warm Embrace, we believe that if our focus is always on the client first, the tasks will always follow.  The dishes will get done eventually, but the most important thing we can do each day is help our clients to feel fulfilled and content.


Our Philosophy of Care is all about empowerment


Our Philosophy of Care


If we just focus on accomplishing tasks, clients may appreciate the tasks, but never feel personally fulfilled. By focusing on the client first and prioritizing companionship, we are meeting intrinsic needs first and everything else will fall into place.




Most of our clients benefit deeply from companionship. Regardless of where they are living—home, retirement home, long term care, or even hospital—companionship meets a deep personal need. Part of companionship is helping to spark clients’ interests again. It might mean re-engaging in a beloved hobby or pastime that they had recently ignored. It might mean reading the newspaper together, or playing cards.


It could include sitting outside in a sunbeam at the beginning of spring or watching for the first robin in the garden. It might mean listening to music together or singing along to the oldies. Regardless of the activity, it involves slowing down long enough to be intentional and present with each other. It is enjoying the moment for everything that moment has to offer, without focusing on everything else you need to accomplish. It’s about truly being together.






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Companionship is a priority, regardless of where our clients are living.
We provide companionship and supplementary care in many locations.





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