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Heartfelt Moments


Here at Warm Embrace Elder Care, we have the privilege of serving the most incredible clients!  We have clients ranging in age from 60 to 100 years old, with varying abilities, backgrounds and knowledge.  We learn from our clients daily, and they touch our hearts in countless ways.


If touching moments with our clients bring a smile to our faces, we realized these stories might also brighten your day.  Why not share the joy?



She mentioned that she really wanted her hair done. So, I brought my curling iron today and did her hair. She absolutely loved it! She felt like a million bucks as she smiled and thanked me. ~ Beckah


Mr. P pointed at his forehead and said "this thing means well but it hasn't been functioning." ~ Brenda Lee


Mrs. F's son came for a visit through the window today with his daughter and her children, aged 4 and 2 (a boy and girl). The children had made a poster saying "We love you, great-grandma". There was some singing, recitation of the provinces as well as chemical elements. They are so smart and cute. At first, Mrs. F wasn't able to hear it all, so we ended up using phones to communicate that way they could hear her too. She was full of smiles, laughed at the children's marching around. She is clearly proud of her family, and the visit made her day. ~  Phyllis 


When I arrived, Mr. K was down the hall. I hadn't noticed her yet until I heard, "There's my girl!" She had a huge smile on her face. ~ Beckah


During my visit today with Ms. M. Her daughter ended up calling. When she was asked, "how are you?" She replied: "I am always happy when Sue is here. She is my best friend and I love her." That almost brought me to tears. ~ Sue


Today, I found out Mrs. F had a button string when she was a young girl.  She received many buttons from her grandmother. I too am a button collector! What fun to discover this connection after all our time together. ~ Phyllis


Miss A and I were colouring and she was doing such a wonderful job that I put my hand gently on her back and she kissed me and told me, "I love you Naii." I put my hand over her shoulder and said, " I love you too" and she gave me another kiss on my cheek. I feel so blessed each time I spend time with her, she is such an incredible lady. These moments are what I look forward to each day and makes me appreciate my job even more. ~ Nathali


Today, I found out Mrs. F had a button string when she was a young girl. She received many buttons from her grandmother. I too am a button collector! What fun to discover this connection after all our time together. ~ Phyllis

Mrs. F was looking for my hand and once she found it, she held it, and said: "I love you, dear." ~ Beckah


I was sitting beside Mrs. V while she was laying down for a nap. I like to stay with her while she is falling asleep and as she was closing her eyes, she reached out and put her hand on top of mine to hold my hand. I thought it was very sweet. ~ Sarah


She really enjoyed my company and wanted me to stay. She gave me so many hugs and touched my face, and said: "I really like you, can you come more than 1x a week if you have time for me." ~ Trang


Mr. P took a few extra minutes to answer the door and when I asked him "how he was doing," he said: “I have to be honest with you. I fell.” Of course, I had questions right away. Then he clarified: “I fell asleep. In my chair.”  ~ Brenda Lee


When I arrived today Mrs. R and Mr. R were sleeping side by side holding hands. I just cannot believe love can go so far! Mr. R opened his eyes and gave me a wink, and he said: "can you come back later we are busy". They both laughed. ~ Debbie


I was washing her so I asked her to raise her arm so I could wash there. Normally, I would then lift her arm and wash but tonight Mrs. P held her arm down and very clearly said "no" with a great big smile on her face. Now I have never personally had Mrs. P speak this clearly to me, so I was at first a little bit shocked. When I looked at her and saw that big smile, I asked if she was playing with me. She started smiling even bigger. I played along with her while we finished her night routine. It was wonderful to see so much happiness being expressed by this wonderful lady. ~ Carey


When Ms. Y opened the door, she said: "there's my coffee angel." ~ Kathryn


Today, when Mrs. Y was singing and playing the piano, she held my hand wanting me to play with her! She is a lovely lady.~ Iris


Mr. D received his Christmas card from Warm Embrace Today. He does not normally receive mail so this was truly special to him! We were in a café and he read the card multiple times to me and to others with a huge smile on his face.  This card truly made his day that we taped it to his bedroom wall. ~ Carey


During the night, when Mrs. N was up she looked over at me and said: “I’m so glad you’re here.” I thought that was very sweet. ~ Sarah


Mrs. N is a beautiful lady every time I help her with something, she always tells me “you are a godsend.” It makes my heart melt! ~ Marta


She is an amazing person! I was helping her with her exercises and when we were just finishing up, the phone rang and she smirked and laughed saying "saved by the bell." ~ Beckah


Today, Mrs. V and I picked out a pumpkin to carve and while we were carving it; I had her clean all the innards out because every time she touched them, she would squeal and laugh with excitement. ~ Sarah

I noticed Mr. E's apples on his one apple tree were getting huge and were weighing down the top branches. He said, “I can’t reach them."  "God is teasing us,” I explained. He said, "if you want the fruit from the garden of Eden you’re going to have to work for it!” ~ Brenda Lee


Today, we went to the mall and while we were sitting down, Mrs. V spotted Santa and yelled out his name joyfully that he heard her. He came over to take a picture with Mrs. V. She was so happy! ~ Sarah


Mr. D was feeling more active today so we danced to Christmas music. We were both having a good time laughing that other residents joined in. It was a fun time! ~ Carey


While at Winnie’s Pub this afternoon, Mr. R looked at me and said “from the very first time I met you you’ve been nothing but kind to me. We all love you here, and I enjoy having you around. You have such a friendly face and a genuine heart. Thank you for everything.” This made me super happy that I’m making a difference in his life! ~ Darcy


Mrs. S and I were walking and she said how she's moving into another room. We were chatting about the move and she asked me, "will you visit us when we move?" I said, "I will love to visit you!" She smiled and held onto my arm, and we continued to walk together. ~ Iris


Construction workers have been digging a huge hole in their driveway which has been concerning Mr. L. I told him that it was going to be all right, you're going to have a brand new driveway, and I made the comment of "well maybe we can put a pool in." He thought that was funny. ~ Beckah


We had a wonderful time with Mr. S and Mrs. S today as I helped them with their move. While helping Lydia organize her plants, she touched my hand and offered to give me one! Their children smiled at this kind gesture. There were a lot of emotions today! I know that their family is very grateful for the heartfelt service the Warm Embrace team gave to their parents. They are a lovely family! ~ Iris


Miss. A and I coloured a couple of pictures and she complimented me on my art and I also complimented hers. One of the pictures she made was for me, and she asked me to keep it with me forever. I hugged her and thanked her. I promised to keep it on my fridge. ~ Nathali


It has been so nice to serve Mrs. W these last few months. As I was leaving, she gave me a big hug and said thank you for everything. ~ Sarah


The client greeted me with a smile and then held my name tag to identify me. Then after realizing who I am, she gave the picture on my tag kisses, it was humorous and sweet. ~ Nayera


This couple has been together for a very long time. At the end of the visit when he was getting really tired, he laid his head down on his wife's lap and cuddled with her. He fell asleep like that as well. To me, I found the absolutely adorable that they still care for each other so much. ~ Shawna


During our walk and TVP exercises, she was such in a happy and awesome mood! We were making jokes about everything and at the end of the visit, she said, "oh dear thank you for making me laugh. When are you coming again?"  ~ Iris


Miss. Y and I went to Herrles's farm, and she bought lots of fresh food. When we were back, she kept trying to feed me and was in very good spirits. She kept saying "thank you for taking me out!" She then said that she felt that I was the "daughter she had always wanted." It was a very special moment ~ Laura


When I arrived, Mr. K was feeling a little down. So, I was thinking of ways to cheer her up! I told her to relax and that I would clean the kitchen, which she absolutely appreciated. She asked what was for lunch and I brought up the idea of going out for lunch to Subway. She was so excited about this idea that she got dressed so fast. I found out that she has never been to Subway before so this was quite the trip. We ended up going to a location I previously worked at and I recognized some of the staff. When old colleagues saw me they gave me hugs and to my surprise, Berta said "Where's mine?" so they hugged her too. From Subway, we went out on a little drive to Preston to see her previous apartment. She was so taken back by the day that she couldn't thank me enough. I gave her the biggest hug before leaving, and she said: "that's all I need, see you next Friday." ~ Beckah


At the end of my visit, Mrs. S took my hands and kissed them and then said: "until tomorrow angel." It was such a special moment that it almost brought me to tears. Following that, the client's daughters came to me and said: "You have a heart of gold." They both just melted my heart today. ~ Iris


When I arrived today to see Mrs. C, she wasn't herself so to cheer her up, I told Mr. C that she can always talk to me. She seemed to be happy to hear that. She said "it would make her day to go out", so I said let's go for a drive. Her face lit up and she wrapped her arms around me and said: "I'm so glad I have you." I needed that warm embrace just as much as she did. ~ Sara


I discovered today that Miss. Y absolutely loves Laura Secord. When we found the store at the end of the mall, she lit up like a Christmas tree and just couldn't stop raving about their chocolates. She was like a kid in a candy store! It was lovely seeing her enjoy being there. ~ Beckah


Mr. R and I sat outside and saw three pigeons sitting like statues on the rooftop. Mr. R is very observant. We watched as two small aircraft made their way overhead and he asked, "Is it ever possible to get a ride in a small plane?" It is amazing to imagine the fun things we can still do. ~ Phyllis


Mrs. K hasn’t been feeling well so I’ve been extra patient with her. She’s been very happy with me and has told me, and her daughter that she wants to adopt me! ~ Teresa

Miss. A noticed I was sneezing so she went to her bedroom and picked out a card. She surprised me with it she told me to feel better. It was the sweetest gesture ever! ~ Jessica


Mrs. T was so happy today! She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving saying that she can't wait to see me again. She is such a wonderful and beautiful lady. ~ Urmila


When I arrived this morning Mr. S and I sat down and started chatting together. We started talking about how the sunshine was coming out even though it was supposed to rain today and Mr. S said: "it's because you came, you brought the sunshine today!" That compliment really made my day! Mrs. S and I went on to have a great day full of conversation and fun times!! ~ Darcy


During my shift today Mrs. K delighted me with her big beautiful smile that lights up! If you could connect that smile to an electrical grid I'm sure it would like up a small city. It caught me by surprise and made me laugh with delight. ~ Scott


Mrs. T was very happy to see me today! She said: "I always love your compliments and it is always good to see your smiling face." It made my day hearing her kind words. When I hear such positive feedback it always encourages me to go above and beyond. ~ Urmila


This morning when I arrived Mrs. M was awake waiting for me, and she said with a big smile that she wanted a warm hug! Today, we enjoyed chatting about the red rose she picked yesterday just outside the residence. She was excited to share that she was able to revive the flower. It's always a lovely morning with Mrs. M ~ Iris


Mrs. D told me she really appreciates what I do and she's so happy that I visit her. The last part of our visit was our morning walk together. She was happily telling me stories about her mom and I listened. She really enjoyed the walk and thanked me for taking her out on one because she needs them! ~ Darcy


Today is Ms. D's birthday and the home gave her a cupcake for dessert. It was a really sweet moment because everyone in the dining room sang Happy Birthday to her, and she was singing along herself! I even helped her blow out the candles, it was a very sweet moment. ~ Sarah


Mrs. V and I went shopping today and she bought her two new shirts! While walking in the parking lot and inside the mall, Mrs. V held my hand. Those were really sweet moments. I cherish those moments because I feel we have a really great connection. ~ Kaitlin


A staff member in the home asked Mr. B how he was today and his response was, "I have the best news I’ve had in a long time." She asked what it was, and he said: "My birthday is the same day as this lady that came into my life today." He was talking about me! I think that it's unreal because I've never met anyone with the same birthday as me.  The staff was so happy for him! He was smiling from ear to ear saying that he can’t wait to tell his son and asking when I was coming back.  ~ Marie


Today was Mrs. S's birthday! I made a card for her and she read it after her nap. After she read her card, she had a big smile and said: "thank you." She remembered who I was, and she noticed I wrote a couple of sentences in German for her. She enjoyed reading it and she even had a couple of tears fall down her cheek. I pretty much cried myself just seeing how happy she was. It made my day and it made her day! ~ Darcy


Mr. P greeted me this afternoon and said he feeling dizzy. I helped him take a seat and I gave him a drink, he grabbed my hand and said "I don't know how I got on with you. You really make my day." I told him, "well that's wonderful." My visits with him really make my day! ~ Pamela


Mrs. F celebrated her 100th birthday and I was lucky enough to be there to celebrate with her and her family. Her smile could have lit up the room that day, it was wonderful to see her so happy.  ~ Carey


When I arrived today, Mrs. S greeted me in the kitchen and gave me a big smile and said "hello!" What made this time special, was that she not only remembered who I was, but she also expected me as well as saying "yes, your Darcy, you're taking us grocery shopping today, you normally do." This made me really happy as it is true, I do take them grocery shopping every couple weeks on the weekend. It was nice to hear this from her! ~ Darcy


Mr. S and I really enjoy our time together. We have plenty of stimulating conversations about food, travel, music, culture and some of the neat things we have in common. We have a similar sense of humour and lots of laughs together. Playing with his dog brings us both a lot of joy. He is always very appreciative of my visits which I always look forward to! ~ Scott


As promised, I brought us hot cross buns and cheese for lunch. When I set these down for us to eat she said grace and then I reminded her what we were having. That is when she broke out into song, "one a penny two a penny hot cross buns. If you haven't any daughters give them to your sons." It was wonderful! Thank you, Mrs. F, for the memory and the smiles. ~ Carey


When Mrs. M saw me she said: "I need your hug, thank you for being here and helping us." She is such a lovely lady! I am so happy to serve this lovely couple! ~ Iris


Mrs. B. enjoyed our time outside in the sun, feeling the fresh air in her face. She smiled at me and said "You make me very happy! ~Margaret

Mrs. H spoke very high praises of the Warm Embrace staff and how wonderful they had been with her husband. She described us as wonderful caring angels to do the job that we do. It really warmed my heart to know that our caregivers have touched her life so greatly and it truly showed how much she appreciated us. ~ Pamela


This morning Mr. H had achy feet so I offered him to soak his feet with Epsom salt and warm water. A half an hour later he said “the pain is gone! I can’t believe the pain is gone!” He was so happy and I was happy for him when he said: “bless you.” It was amazing to witness how one little thing can make someone so thankful and happy. ~ Sue


In St. Jacob's place, one of the residents came up to me took my hand and said: "thank God for people like you doing the job you do." It really brought a tear to my eye, a reminder that what we do truly makes a difference in people's lives. ~ Pamela


Today Mr. P caught me singing to his music while I was mopping the washroom. He caught me off guard (in the most pleasant way) by joining in and singing Edelweiss. It was touching and he has an amazing singing voice. ~ Pamela


We are both quite active people and have an equal love of nature, so we enjoy ourselves in the outside world. We had a lot of really great conversations today! She kindly asked me if she could help me out in my search for that special woman and we shared laughs about it all. She then went on to tell me that once I've found that special someone, that she expects an invitation to my wedding because she'll play a big part in the day. It was amazing to hear her be so positive. She's such a happy soul! She gave me a hug before I left, and thanked me for continuing to be a great helper. I really felt like I made a difference in her day.  ~ Darcy


Mr. D and I went for a drive today and when asked what he wanted to do he said "I would really like a hamburger" so I took him to Wendy's he said through moans that it was the best burger he had. He thanked the staff as we left telling them they did a wonderful job. ~ Carey


Mrs. B came into the kitchen and told me she missed me. I felt so welcomed and I told her that. We hugged and I told her I am grateful to visit her. Later in the evening, I gave her a foot soak with Epsom salts and I massaged her hands and feet. She asked me how much it was because she needed to pay for something. I told her- “your company is all I need” and it was truly a special moment. ~ Kaitlin


Today shortly after he was seated in his chair, it was clear that David was seeing me and I was the recipient of not only one, but two big smiles. Choked me up a bit. He continues to teach me to live well in the present moment and to accept joy in the here and now. ~Phyllis


Mr. D and I went to Tim Hortons today and he won a donut with the roll up the rim. When I explained it was a free donut, he practically jumped out of his chair to go get it. He brought it back home with him telling everyone he had won it. I hope he wins again. He made me smile today. ~ Carey


Mrs. S was out in the hall waiting for me with a smile. She told me she was thinking of me and was happy to see me. I thanked her and this truly brightened my morning just hearing her thoughts and feeling like I'm doing some good for her and Mr. S  really makes me feel good! I Love being here with both of them, an amazing couple and such a treasure to be a part of their lives. ~ Darcy


Mr. C has been quieter more so than he once was. However, when being shaved today, I received a big smile. I asked "Does it tickle?" and the smile widened and kept going for several moments. ~ Phyllis


Mrs. B and I were having tea and listening to a musical carousel. It wasn't working very well, so Mrs. Bell looked at me and said, "I think it's getting old like its owner." We both laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. I love having the chance to share these moments with her. ~ Sara


Today, I helped Mr. S with a puzzle. I sat down and helped break the puzzle down into smaller chunks. We finished it in less than an hour, and he did the majority of the puzzle alone. Once the last piece was placed, I got a huge smile from him. It was a lovely bonding moment for us. ~ Emma


Mrs. V was a little hesitant about walking in the snow. I extended my hand and she immediately held my hand. We held hands all the way through the parking lot of Zehrs. ~ Kaitlin


She loved the lunch I had made today and said with a big smile, "I should come to live with you, so you can spoil me every day!" ~ Margaret


She loved the lunch I had made today and said with a big smile, "I should come to live with you, so you can spoil me every day! ~ Margaret

Mrs. F and I were in her living area chatting after dinner,  all of a sudden she said: "I want to come to sit beside you." I asked her if she wanted to sit on the couch with me and she said "yes." When she sat down, she rested her head on my shoulder and said: "isn't this nice dear?" We spent the next half-hour cuddled on the couch reading some poems and talking. ~ Carey


Every time I arrive they tell me how much they appreciate me and what I do for them. Mrs. M said that I take such good care of them that she wishes she could spend more time with me. I really felt like I might tear up. ~ Sara


While we were walking and chatting today she held on to my hand. It was a very sweet moment. ~ Faduma


I brought my guitar today. After breakfast and kitchen cleanup Mr.L and I played and sang together for a short while. Today especially I played along using a thumb pick the way Mr. L plays which really sounds nice and I thanked him for introducing this method of playing to me. He is a really good guitarist and we really enjoyed playing Christian songs together; mostly the old songs that Mr. L knows. Lots of smiles and joy and compliments both ways. ~ Scott

We went to the library and looked at a few magazines on nature, and as we were leaving she said: "life is good when you look at nature."  When I said bye, she said "please don't go" and I ensured her that I will visit her soon. That touched my heart. ~ Jerusalem


Ms. D and I went to bingo today and at first, she was hesitant about playing so I offered to help her. We both had a great time because we actually ended up winning both games! In the end, she gave me a high-five and was smiling from being a winner. ~ Sarah


I was able to assist Ms. N with a shower today, and when she finished getting dressed, she called her sister to let her know that her best friend was over. We have come a long way! In the beginning, she wanted to be alone and now she is asking me to stay longer. WE employees truly make a difference in people's daily lives. It's truly beautiful!  ~ Angie


Mr. W called me his butterfly today - a symbol of love and happiness! ~ Tali


Today upon arrival my client was baking shortbread cookies. It was the same recipe my Grandma used. My client gave me mothering tips on how to bake. So heartwarming for me as this is the first Christmas without my Mom. Very special morning. ~ Sue


I moved a chair so I could sit near Ms. L for snack time. I asked, "May I sit here?" she replied, "Please do." Such moments of clarity are precious. ~ Phyllis


Mrs. D asked about ice cream for dessert. There wasn't much left in the container so she just took it out of my hands and started digging in. I gave Mrs. D peaches but there were only two left in the jar, Mrs. D simply said "put them in here" referring to her ice cream container. After she finished I asked if she would like her dish - the ice cream container - to be put in the dishwasher. She looked at me as if I was crazy and then said: "of course!" Then burst out laughing. ~ Carey 


Today Mrs. A and I were listening to music and talking about Heartfelt Moments means. She said that a heartfelt moment means "to feel with the heart." She took the time to explain what it means. She is a very intelligent and tender woman! ~ Iris