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Your in-laws live together in their own home and until recently they’ve been managing to help each other and get by…but lately, they’re not doing so well and you’re quite concerned. Your in-laws are very attached to their home.  They've lived there for decades—your father-in-law built the home himself 50 years ago—and they've sworn that they will never willingly leave the house. 


They love their home but are unable to cope with the upkeep and their faltering health.  You need the help of a Warm Embrace caregiver who can provide the necessary help to keep your loved ones safe and well-cared for in the comfort of their own home.


You probably find that your in-laws don’t need constant medical attention—in fact, they don’t even really need medical help outside of doctor’s appointments.  What they would really benefit from is someone to help cook nutritious meals, stay on top of the housekeeping, and help with the laundry.  Your in-laws don’t require nursing attention, so placing either of them in a nursing home may not suit the current needs.  What they really need is a Warm Embrace caregiver.





You need the help of a
Warm Embrace caregiver
who can provide the necessary help!




Caregivers can assist with many household tasks such as:








Changing Bed Linens



Sanitizing Washrooms

Cleaning the Kitchen


Removing Garbage

Watering Plants




someone wearing yellow rubber gloves cleaning the bathroom vanity






We focus on the client first - the warm embrace. Companionship and social interaction are the cornerstones of what we offer.


Companionship Care





As our company name says, we focus on the client first—the Warm Embrace. Companionship and social interaction are the cornerstone of what we offer and it is prioritized throughout our visits. Even while caregivers are accomplishing household tasks, they will be focused on interacting with your in-laws and engaging them in the tasks at hand.


If you are strictly looking for a cleaning service, Warm Embrace will not be the right fit for you.  Cleaning agencies are better equipped to rapidly clean a home and remain meticulously focused on cleaning. They typically send cleaners in pairs or teams and with two people present they can move furniture to allow for deeper cleaning. With two or three people rushing around cleaning, it can feel like a whirlwind to seniors who are accustomed to a quiet home.




In contrast, we don’t tend to blitz all of the housework in one morning.  Over the course of a week, everything gets accomplished, but it is at a pace that feels appropriate to your in-laws. 








The way we approach household tasks is much the way you might manage your own home.  We may start a load of laundry, then clean a bathroom, switch the load of laundry, then start cooking dinner, and throughout it all, we’re chatting with your in-laws and getting them involved in the process. 


We want them to feel productive and in charge of their own environment.  With our philosophy of care, rather than losing independence, your loved ones are gaining a new friend.  This new caregiver is a friend first, and a helper second. 


Our Philosophy of Care




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