Appreciation this Remembrance Day


This is a message of appreciation to all of our veterans who contributed to the peaceful country that we enjoy today.


Mercifully, most of us are far enough removed from the experience of war, that we only connect to war through the words of another—through storytelling or written accounts. How important it is that we truly listen to the stories of those who sacrificed so much.


Have you ever thanked a senior for the efforts they put forth decades ago, efforts that afford us our current freedom? The appreciation in a senior’s eyes is incredible—they appreciate that a generation that has not experienced war first hand can truly value the sacrifices they made.



Be sure to take the time to thank any veterans you know. Even those elderly seniors who are not veterans deserve recognition as well since they likely contributed to the war efforts in some form.


Many of our elderly clients can vividly recall wartime eras. They count themselves as lucky to have survived; many of their friends and family members did not. While men were fighting on the front lines, women were supporting war efforts on the home front, sustaining their families and supplying the troops.


Thank you to all the veterans who sacrificed so much and put the security of their country above their own personal safety. Your contributions did not go unnoticed; your sacrifices have not been forgotten.


Lest We Forget.

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