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Are you an Apple or a Pear?


Did you know that your body shape can indicate your risk for heart disease and stroke?
Maintaining a healthy weight is important but where you carry your weight is just as important! Simply weighing yourself is not the only way to determine your health risk.


Excess weight that is carried around your mid-section can affect your heart health in different ways than weight carried on your hips or legs.  Your waist measurement is an important number to know!


What is the magic number?

Women: 88cm / 35 inches
Men:  102cm / 40 inches


If you are over the recommended maximum, or even if you are within 3 inches of the recommendation, you are at higher risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes.  Reducing your risk for each of these significant health issues can be highly motivating for weight loss!

Unfortunately, nearly 60% of Canadians are overweight or obese, and that increases their risk for each of the above health concerns. 


Obese adults are:

  • 4x more likely to have diabetes
  • 3x more likely to have high blood pressure
  • 2x more likely to have heart disease

Maintaining a healthy weight is a key component of prevention for heart disease and stroke.  Even modest weight loss can have a positive impact on your health.  Shedding 5% of your current weight can be enough to reduce your cholesterol level and your blood pressure.  Only a 5% change in your weight and your body begins to thank you with better health!



Exercise and eating well-balanced meals is key! 

Shedding those unwanted pounds can be terribly difficult and keeping the pounds off can be even harder.  When you realize the goal of weight loss is not just a vain endeavor, but a key component of your health, you might be far more motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle of daily exercise and well-balanced meals.


Track your progress by measuring your waistline and aim to maintain a waistline that is below 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men. Remember—each reduction of an inch reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke making the effort all the more worthwhile!

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