Heart and Stroke Awareness Month


February is all about hearts!


Did you know that every seven minutes, someone in Canada dies from heart disease or stroke?  


Heart disease is not just a single condition. 


Heart disease is a group of conditions that all combine to affect the heart and how it functions. Some common heart conditions that are part of heart disease are coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease, angina, heart attack, and heart failure, just to name a few. 


Someone with heart disease may be weak and have difficulty with daily living tasks.  Chores that were once simple—standing long enough to cook, using a vacuum cleaner, showering—become monumental tasks. Homecare services are required as someone with heart disease has increased weakness and difficulty breathing.


A stroke is quite different from a heart attack. 


A stroke is a sudden loss of brain function that is caused by lack of blood flow to the brain, or a rupture of blood vessels in the brain.  Most strokes are caused by a blood clot that blocks the blood flow to the brain. Blood clots form when there is a buildup of plaque in the arteries.  The clot may either be in the arteries leading to the brain, or the clot can form elsewhere in the body and travel to the brain. 


Strokes do not just affect seniors or the elderly.  In fact, 25% of all strokes happen to people under age 65.  The rate of stroke is escalating among those aged 19-55 and can affect both men and women.


Some of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke cannot be changed (such as age, gender, family history, or ethnic background).  The majority of risk factors can be controlled though, and the earlier people implement healthy lifestyle choices, the better their chances of preventing heart disease or stroke. There are steps you can take to prevent heart disease. Learn more about how you can protect your heart!


Starting and sticking to new habits can be difficult - especially when done alone. However, you don't have to do it alone! We are fabulous caregivers who will encourage and guide you - or your elderly loved one – in staying on track. Your heart health is important, it’s never too late to introduce new living choices, start today!

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