Unprecedented Burnout

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up our world and we're now seeing people experience caregiver burnout like never before. The majority of people are busier because they're working from home, managing a household, helping their children with school work and caring for their elderly family members or friends. A study conducted by EMD Serono explored the impact of COVID-19 on unpaid caregivers in Canada. They revealed alarming trends impacting caregivers' health and mental well-being.


a young man covered with sticky notes reminders, he is feeling overwhelmed


Canadian caregivers are feeling burnt out!


Family caregivers have taken on more responsibilities. They are physically caring for elderly loved ones, providing emotional support, technology management and teaching, and overall advocating for their loved ones. It shouldn't be a surprise that 71% of family caregivers reported "feeling more burnt out than ever." Most often these responsibilities disproportionately impact women. In the study, 61% of the participants were women and they reported that being a caregiver "negatively impacts their emotional and mental health."


Help a friend and bring awareness to caregiver burnout!


April 6th is National Caregiver day and it's a day to shed light on "the unique challenges and unmet needs" caregivers experience. It's never too late to express your appreciation and gratitude to family caregivers! If you know someone who cares for their elderly parent, reach out to them to be a listening ear, send a thank you card, or drop off a homemade meal. You can also bring awareness by sharing this blog post on Facebook or you can text this link to a friend. You can take the first step in starting an interesting conversation on burnout culture.


Enlist professional help - our wonderful caregivers create balance!


We help many busy families find balance by caring for their elderly loved ones. We supplement family visits by coordinating certified caregivers to match each family’s routine and schedule. For instance, if a family member visits their elderly loved one three days a week; we can provide a certified caregiver to visit on the other four days of the week. When family caregivers would like to go on holidays, we can provide additional visits to cover the days when they would usually have visited.


Our Warm Embrace Caregivers provide a range of services from personal care, household support, meal preparation, companionship care, to overnight care.


This year supporting family caregivers is critical because COVID-19 has created additional mental and emotional strain. You don't have to go through this tough season alone, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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